Best 14 Bow Scrunchie

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: February 23, 2023

Best 14 Bow Scrunchie

Bow scrunchie is a big blast as it does double duty like you can wear it in your hair or make it a bracelet for fun. The unique part about these bow scrunchies is that with no efforts, you get a beautiful hairstyle. There are different colors of scrunchies in the market with long and short bows.

You can customize the scrunchie by choosing the fabric of your choice and
make it wide and long as you want that suit your style and wardrobe. Bow scrunchie is feminine and wearable for every occasion, such as for work, work out, or a night out.

Bow Hair Scrunchie

The cute hair tie will fit perfectly to your hair, holding it tight without damaging them. The cotton fabric won’t tug or pull hair.

Instructions for Bow Scrunchies

The hair accessory from the last decade is now the current fashion. You don’t need to make lots of effort to indulge in the craze.

Fancy Knotted Scrunchies

The fabric and color are pretty. Wrap this little hair tie, and you are all set to go for an outing. Do not worry; it will not slip from its place.

Bow Scrunchies

Try making a bow scrunchie if you want a neat hair look. The hair accessory will prevent the hair from falling to the face.

DIY Hair Scrunchie with Bow

A bow scrunchie is an eyeball grabber, and the beautiful polka dots design looks fantastic.

Velvet Scrunchie Bow

Woodrose pink bow scrunchie is an ideal gift on any occasion for your girlfriend. This looks cute and makes the ponytail eye-catching.

How to Make Bow Scrunchies

Follow the instructions step by step and make the beautiful bow scrunchie in no time.

Scrunchie Bow Hair Tie

The hair scrunchie does not have any metal parts, and it includes only an elastic rubber band that is wrapped with silky and soft satin. It won’t damage your hair, so get ready to rock the world.


Long and Bright Bow Scrunchies

The bowknot adds a lovely touch and retro to your hair bun or ponytail. You can easily untie the bow part, and these are perfect to use for different occasions.

Darling Draped Bow Scrunchi

Add femme vibes effortlessly to any style with the use of this bow scrunchie, and you will not be disappointed for sure.

Long Bow Scrunchies

The scrunchie adds a cute touch, and it is so feminine. It is suitable for any occasion like Thanksgiving dinner, holiday parties, Christmas, or whatever you can think.

Tutorial for Cute Scrunchies with Bows

Step by step instructions ease your task, and you can make beautiful hair scrunchie in no time.

Knot Bow Scrunchie DIY

The hair scrunchie is made from leftover fabrics and scrap. It is easy to make, and you can use bed sheets or thrift garments for making it.

Elegant Scarf Bow Scrunchie

This is perfect to use for parties, travel, or sports. It is suitable for children and adults.

Charming Bunny Bow Scrunchie

The bunny ears have a little wire piece to give it a shape. You can easily shape up or down or curl. These are a cute ponytail holder.

A pattern for Knotted Hair Scrunchies

This is the easiest hairdo, but you should not take it lightly as it adds much style than you ever think.

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