11 Burlap Christmas Stockings Ideas

by Kristen // updated on: December 29, 2019

Add a touch of charm to your home décor with burlap Christmas stockings; the earthy and rustic appearance along with the coarse texture of burlap helps to give proper shape to the stocking. Decorate the stocking with colorful ribbons and decorative stones, and it is ready to add charm to your fireplace.

Burlap Christmas Stockings

The classic design is all time favorite; customize each stocking with the name of your family members and make everyone happy.

Burlap Christmas Stockings for Dog

Make this bone shape stocking for your faithful friend; it is the token of your affection.

Burlap Christmas Stocking

The beautiful pattern is easy to design, and the charming embellishments make it attractive.

Cute Quilted Burlap Christmas Stockings

The lovely white cuffs make it graceful; you can embellish it with the decorative material of your choice.

Christmas Burlap Stocking

Try any of these patterns for festive decoration; you can take a printout of colorful templates and place them on stocking.

Plain Burlap Christmas Stockings

The simple and sober pattern is easy to design; try this, if you are working on it for the first time.

Make A Burlap Stockings for Christmas DIY

Follow the tutorial carefully to get an idea for designing this DIY.

Burlap Christmas Stockings DIY  

The green color leaves printed all over the stocking look pretty and adds charm to the simple pattern.

Handmade Burlap Christmas Stockings

Add the charm to your Christmas tree with lovely handmade stocking and wait for Mr.Santa to fill it with gifts.

Burlap Christmas Stocking

The simple and elegant stocking is perfect for Christmas; the red velvet along with button makes it graceful.

Burlap Christmas Stocking DIY

The perfect pattern for the family; personalize it with the names and see a big smile on everybody’s face.

How to Make a No-Sew Burlap Christmas Stocking?

Follow the directions given in the video to get the perfect outcome.

Cool Burlap Christmas Stockings

Decorate this lovely burlap stocking with various gifts inside and see the happy faces the next morning.

How to Sew Burlap Christmas Stockings?


Follow the video link carefully to get the desired result.

Make Pretty Stockings: Instructions

The video given in the above link helps you to make this DIY easily.

Make Burlap Stockings: Simple Steps

The step by step directions gives you an idea to do this project quickly.

Making Lined Christmas Stockings using Burlap Coffee Bean Bags


Make sure to follow the approach given in the video for the perfect result.

Making Shabby Chic Christmas Stockings?

Follow the video to get the desired result.

How to Make Burlap Christmas Stockings?

Make sure to follow the instructions carefully for the desired result.

Tutorial For Burlap Stockings 

The step by step directions given in the tutorial gives you an idea to do this project quickly.

Making Easy Burlap Christmas Stockings?

The steps are given in the video ease your task, and you can complete it in a couple of hours.

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