Best Weft Knitting Machine

Best Weft Knitting Machine

The knitting technique used for producing fabrics from strands of different yarns like cotton or nylon originated in Egypt in the 11th century.  Since then manual knitting or weaving with bare hands has come a long way. And with the invention of knitting machine in 1579 home-based textile manufacturing evolved into cottage industries rendering manual […]

Best Circular Knitting Needles

Circular knitting needles as the name makes it clear are special needles that enable you to knit in the round. Knitting in the round or circular knitting is a specialized skill that calls for consistent practice for mastering the art. You’ll need a variety of tools and items for learning circular knitting and circular knitting […]

Best Circular Knitting Machine

Circular knitting also referred to as ‘knitting in the round’ is a special type of knitting or weaving for producing impeccable tube-style formations. Sweaters, pullovers, jerseys, and jumpers featuring planned openings such as neck, arm holes, and wrist cuffs are created using circular knitting. Circular knitting entails interlacing in rounds where you wind around in […]

Fair Isle Knitting Patterns

Are you ready for a new knitting project? Don’t worry! Grab some of your favorite colors and go on with these Fair Isle patterns. Ranging from simple hats to beautiful sweaters that you can wear for several coming years, these patterns are adequate for all skill levels. For knitters who are looking for awesome colorful […]

Top Arm Knitting Patterns

Arm knitting is an exciting way to create handmade accessories and warm clothes. People appreciate this excellent art all across the globe. As soon as winter arrives, everyone wants beautiful and unique warm clothes that can keep warm and add to the style. Nothing is more satisfying than wrapping self-made goody. Arm-Knit Wrap The technique […]

Shawl and Wrap Knitting Patterns

Keep yourself warm with wraps and shawls on chilly evenings or when the temperature is low outside.  Shawls and wraps complete your outfit and add a layer of style to your appearance.  No matter what is the season trendy shawls create a classic look with their gorgeous designs. Look stylish throughout the year with knitted […]

Handknit Dishcloths Loom Knitting

When you need to connect two pieces of stockinette stitch vertically then you can use the mattress stitch. The mattress stitch gives seamless look to the fabric. It is an easy and adequate way for sewing seams of the sweater, or any other seams or blanket squares that need to disappear in the final project. […]

Loom Knitting Patterns

It is best to start with the simple projects to understand the basics of loom knitting.  After that, you can carry on complicated tasks and learn some more stitches. Loom knitting is best for those who do not want to use needles to make handmade accessories. This is quick and simple. You can loom knit […]

Cozy Slipper Knitting Patterns

Slipper knitting patterns are perfect for beginner knitters, as only basic knitting skills are required to accomplish the task. There are many techniques and ways of knitting slippers. Some require less time and easy while some are time taking and are more complicated. Cozy Slipper Booties Pattern If you need something lightweight and beautiful to […]

Lace Knitting Patterns

Lace knitting patterns may look complex to beginners because of minute holes and shape patterns however, it is not like that. Lace fabrics are made simply by increasing and decreasing stitches. Knitting lace sounds tough if you are new to but you should research this to find the truth. Lace knitting patterns are simple no […]