Tips for Selecting Basic Supplies for Your Initial Cross-Stitch Projects

Sourcing and procuring essential supplies for your cross-stitch projects can be quite challenging and frustrating especially if you’re a beginner. One is spoilt for choice given the sheer variety of materials and products available in brick-and-mortar outlets and across e-commerce sites. However to stay on the safe side and keep things easy and simple you […]

5 Practical Tools for Organizing Your Cross-Stitch Supplies

Of all the various hand-sewing or embroidery patterns that beginner and budding embroiderers and knitters like to master, the cross-stitch is definitely one. Cross-stitch or cross-stitches continue to be extremely popular with youngsters not only because there are near endless patterns to learn but also because mastering the style poses a challenge. The versatility of […]

All about the Garter Stitch

Knitting patterns make use of garter stitch for creating an edge or border that does not curl. Garter stitch is useful for making a strong, thick, and stretchy knit fabric. You need to know this stitch for any project. It is simple and you need to know cast on. Just because garter stitch is easy […]

How to Fix a Dropped Purl Stitch?

Working on a knitting project is exciting as you wait to see the outcome of your hard work.  But it becomes frustrating when seeing a stitch drop that creates a significant gap in knitting. Do not worry when this happens because fixing a dropped purl stitch is easy than you think. As soon as you […]