Cozy Slipper Knitting Patterns

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: July 3, 2021

Slipper knitting patterns are perfect for beginner knitters, as only basic knitting skills are required to accomplish the task. There are many techniques and ways of knitting slippers. Some require less time and easy while some are time taking and are more complicated.

Cozy Slipper Booties Pattern

If you need something lightweight and beautiful to keep your feet comfortable and protect from harsh winters then these are perfect for you.

Easy Knit Slippers Pattern

Many love this popular slipper design and you will surely like them too. Grab the materials required and make a pair for yourself today. 

Basic Slipper Socks

Try this new pair of a slipper with this knitting pattern. These slippers will look adorable when you roam around the house and keep your feet comfortable and warm.

Foxy Slippers Pattern

These are some of the cutest slippers on the list. You can try this ultra-quick project and gift it to your loved ones.

Simple Slippers with Cables

Knit two pairs of these simple yet beautiful slippers and keep them at the home entrance for guests.

Ladies Slippers Knitting Pattern

The cuffed cable detail of this attractive red riding hood slipper gives unique look to these boots.  You can make this super-soft beginner pattern in no time.

Fluffy Bunny Slippers Pattern

This is a straightforward pattern and uses a combination of rib and garter stitches. Knit the ears separately and sewn on. The look completes with a pom-pom tiny tail.

Fair Isle Nordic Slippers

The design and style have a traditional Nordic feel. Work from heel to toe and knit in the round to get a beautiful and special pair of slippers.   

Quick-Knit Felted Slippers Pattern

This easy felted slipper is a quick project and works up in few days. Start from the top of the ankle and sew up along the foot bottom.

Slipper Boots With Non-Slip Soles

Grab chunky yarn to knit these boot slippers. You can add anti-skid pads to the shoe bottom for functional detail and fun.

Brioche Slippers for Men

Brioche knitting creates warm and thick slippers mostly in two colors. Use colorful yarn combinations to make these slippers.

Slouchy Cuff Slippers Knitting Pattern

Slippers are essential in winters and it does not get cozier than these. It has nothing fancy and no heel shape but keeps the feet warm and protected.

Clog-Style Slippers Pattern

This generous pattern is what you exactly need for comfortable footwear. Try this one for yourself or the whole family.

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