Create Silk Tie Easter Eggs


Easter eggs are special and there are many ways to dye them. This is a great time to try this new fun. These are not known much but it is super exciting to dye the eggs. You get the lovely swirling colors with silk ties. You can use silk fabric in this project. This exciting activity can be completed in no time and the result is top class with different colors and patterns.


  • One-pot
  • One dozen eggs
  • Scissors
  • 24 rubber bands
  • Six 100% silk ties
  • 1/2 yard white cotton fabric
  • 4 tablespoons vinegar


Collect Materials

Head to the store and collect your materials. 100% silk ties are affordable. Only silk fabric is required thus you need not use any other type of fibers like polyester etc. for the dye to transfer perfectly to the egg. Any kind of silk will do the work if you do not have silk ties.

Silk Tie Easter Eggs
Collect Materials

Cutting the Fabric

Gather as much silk fabric by taking the silk ties. Cut the stitches present on the back of the first tie and remove the lining from the inside. You would be using the wide bottom part of the tie so you can cut the narrow tapered end. Remove stitching and cut the silk into pieces of approximately five inches square.

Silk Wrapping

Take silk squares and wrap your eggs. Ensure that the fabric right side is in contact with the egg surface to ensure that the dye adheres well. Make sure that the pattern is wrapped flat and taut against the egg surface. Fabric will fold in some places and you will have a break in color and pattern which give a pretty look to the eggs. Once the fabric is flat wrapped around the egg you should gather it and tightly secure using a rubber band.

Cotton Wrap

Repeat the process with a white cotton fabric square once the egg is wrapped in silk tightly. You can use a pillowcase or old sheet for this purpose. Repeat with all the eggs.

Add Vinegar

Place the wrapped eggs in a pot gently and add four tablespoons of vinegar. This helps in transferring the dye to the egg surface from the silk.


Cover all the eggs completely by adding enough water. Bring the boil and reduce to a simmer for twenty minutes.

Let it Cool

Post 20 minutes you need to remove the pot from the heat and pull eggs out of the water carefully. Place them on the safe surface so they can dry. You can use tongs to handle the eggs if they are too hot and remove them from the water.


Now cut the rubber bands gently from the cotton layer, then unwrap and cut the rubber band from the silk layer also. Pull the fabric to see the fun pattern that is left by the silk tie.

Let Egg cool

Let eggs cool and dry. You can add some sheen to enhance the pattern and colors. You can also rub the vegetable oil on the eggshells.


Place eggs on display and they will look beautiful on small baskets with some Easter grass and Enjoy.

Create Silk Tie Easter Eggs