Creative New Quilting Patterns


Modern quilt patterns are motivating and inspire quilters to carry on new ideas. Here we have discussed several new quilting patterns that are playful and bold alternatives to traditional patterns. High contrast features, asymmetry, minimalism, and block arrangements will give a modern and fresh look to your quilt.

Easy Quilt Patterns for Beginners

This pattern is minimalist and invites you to work with the fabric of your choice and different colors.

Cheerful Quilted Playmat

Earlier eras are known for traditional patchwork quilts but this beautiful pattern marks a sudden shift to modern ones.

Easy Strawberry Fields Bricks Quilt

Easy Strawberry Fields Bricks Quilt

In this quilt pattern you can experience modern sensibilities and it uses negative space to showcase a simple design with a sense of excitement and freedom.

Sundance Quilt; A Free Squash Blossom Quilt Pattern

This excellent pattern has colorful solids. You can choose the fabrics of your choice and the outcome will be exclusively modern and festive.

Layer Cake Coin Quilt

You can experience the quilting process from beginning to end in a new way. This project will allow you to learn the basics and advance quilting techniques.

Jelly Roll Strip Quilt Pattern

When you are in search of adding more colors, more texture, or want to enhance overall design then you are on the right path.

Super Fast Baby Quilt (Using the Scrappy Trip Method)

It is a perfect way to use a fabric of your choice. The pattern looks amazing and easy to make.

Quick Four Patch Tutorial + Vintage Keepsakes Fabric

Follow the instructions carefully to make this beautiful pattern in no time.

How To Patchwork Duvet Cover

Follow the instructions given in the video to get awesome results.

Wildwood Challenge: Crib Quilt

This is a great color therapy that will uplift your creative side. It is suitable for the innovative and modern quilter who wants to explore new art.