Crochet Mandala Patterns to Try 2

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: February 23, 2023

Mandala is a crocheting art and looks amazing once the pattern completes. Crocheting a fantastic mandala depends on some factors such as knowledge to crochet geometric shapes, not too much addition in the pattern or it will get ruffled. We have compiled some of the amazing crochet mandala patterns that you can try.

Interesting Crochet Sunrise Mandala Pattern

The lovely crochet mandala pattern is perfect for hanging in windows. This modern yet traditional pattern looks amazing.

Free Crochet Shawl Pattern with Mandala Yarn

You will fall in love with this cute pattern. The rainbow colors make it mesmerizing and the pattern is perfect for beginners too.

Tree of Life Crochet Mandala Pattern

The pattern may look intimidating but as you will start working on the pattern it will be easy to implement.

Crochet Heart Mandala DIY

Once you understand the technique of cluster stitch and post stitch this pattern will be easier for you.

How to One Color Crochet a Gorgeous Mandala Floor Rug

Crochet Square Mandala Pattern

The pattern resembles waves in the lagoon. It can be completed in no time.

Crochet Potholder Mandala

The pattern is popular among crocheters. This is a fun way to decorate your home with colors.

Crochet Mandala Dreamcatcher Pattern

Crochet some dreamcatchers and place them in your bedroom or decorate your dining area, living room, or garden.

Crochet Mandala Placemats DIY

The pattern is a guaranteed stash buster and you can use scraps instead of throwing them.

How to Crochet a Mandala Wrap Top

Tutorial to Make a Colorful Crochet Mandala

Follow the tutorial carefully and make the crochet mandala easily.

Peacock Tail Crochet Mandala Free Pattern

The Peacock mandala pattern is amazing and it will fill your life with colors. The pattern is fun to make.

Rainbow Spiral Dream Catcher Crochet Mandala Pattern

Embellished with textured yarns, feathers, and tassels this unique mandala pattern is mesmerizing.

Crochet Christmas Mandala DIY

The mandala Christmas ornament is a perfect last-minute gift. It is a luxurious yet inexpensive way to show your love to your dear ones.

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