Rainbow Zipped Crochet Pouch: Full Tutorial & Free Pattern

by Hanne // updated on: May 10, 2023

Rainbow Pouch Free Crochet Pattern

I recently bought a box or Ricorumi yarn and the colors were just so beautiful I knew I had to make something that included a lot of them.

That’s where the idea of the rainbow pouch came from and in this article you’ll find the free pattern and step by step instructions for this cute crochet pouch.

This little pouch is super handy. I use it in my purse, but you can also use it for make-up, coins or something else. The crochet project is really easy and can be done in just a couple of hours which makes it the perfect last-minute gift.

The Front of the Pouch: The Wave Stitch

There are 2 things that make this pouch stand out:

  • The color choice
  • The stitch used on the front of the pouch

I found this stitch in The New Crochet Stitch Dictionary: 440 Patterns for Textures, Shells, Bobbles, Lace, Cables, Chevrons, Edgings, Granny Squares, and More book.

It’s stitch 344 and is called “The Gentle Wave”. The crochet stitch is really easy but creates a super cool effect when used with nice colors of yarn.

In order to get the wave effect you’ll want to use de following crochet stitches (in US terms) :

Single Crochet (sc) = Insert hook, yarn over, pull back,yarn over, pull through 2 loops.

Half double Crochet (hdc) = Yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, pull back, yarn over, pull through 3 loops.

Double crochet (dc) = Yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, pull back, yarn over, pull through 2 loops, yarn over, pull through remaining 2 loops.

Treble crochet or Triple crochet (tr) = Yarn over twice, insert hook, yarn over, pull back, yarn over, pull through 2 loops, yarn over, pull through 2 loops, yarn over pull through the remaining 2 loops.

These stitches are all different in height, so by using them in the same row, you can create a wave. Then to make sure you keep a straight line, you have to work the opposite stitches the next row. So where you crocheted a tr in the first row you’ll have a sc in the next row.

The Wave Crochet Stitch

I started this pouch on the front with the yellow color.

Start by chaining the length of the pouch make sure to use a multiple of 14 + 2 beginning chains

I made the wave pattern repeat twice = 28 stitches + 2 stitches

Chain 30

Row 1: ch 1 to turn, sc in each stitch (30)

Row 2: ch 1 to turn, 1sc, *2sc, 2hdc, 2dc, 3tr, 2dc, 2hdc, 1sc, repeat 1x from *, 1sc (30)

Row 3 – 4: ch 1 to turn, sc in every stitch (30)

Row 5: Ch 4 to turn, 1tr, *1tr, 2dc, 2hdc, 3sc, 2hdc, 2dc, 2tr, repeat 1x from *, 1tr (30)

Row 6: ch 1 to turn, sc in every stitch (30)

Change color

Row 7: ch 1 to turn, sc in every stitch (30)

Repeat 6 more times from Row 2 to 7, change colors every 7th row.

The Back of the Pouch: Double Crochet

For the back of the pouch, I simply used the double crochet stitch in an off-white color.

With the yarn and hook I used, I needed to crochet 13 rows to have the same height as the front of the pouch.

Add Lining to the pouch

To make the pouch more usable, I decided to add a fabric lining. Of course you can decide not to but you risk your stuff falling through the small openings in-between the crochet stitches.

For the lining fabric, I reused an old linen shirt that was ripped under to armpit. You can choose any fabric for the lining as long as it’s thin and non-elastic.

You’ll want to cut a front and a back panel for the pouch. Make sure you include sew allowance at the bottom. In my case, the pouch is 16 x 25 cm. This means the lining panels would be 16 x 13.5 cm

To assemble the lining, the crocheted pouch and the zipper, start by putting your crocheted pouch with the good side up in front of you, then lay the zipper on top of it, with the good side of the zipper on the good side of the crochet. Then add the front lining on top of the zipper, the lining is with the right side on the wrong side of the zipper.

Crocheted pouch with zipper and lining tutorial
Layer the front of the pouch, the zipper and the front lining.

Sew the 3 together at approx. 0.5 cm from the edge.

Now do the same for the back of the pouch. Start by putting the back lining in front of you with the right side up, add the zipper on top with the wrong side towards the lining and then add the crocheted pouch with the right side on the right side of the zipper.

Because the lining is in 2 panels and the crocheted pouch is only in one piece, you’ll have to fold the crochet pouch in half to put it on the zipper.

Now sew on on the edge at 0.5 cm.

When you put the lining with the right sides against each other and the crochet with the right sides in, it should look like this:

Crochet pouch inside out.

Now, stitch all around leaving just an opening or about 8 cm on the bottom seam (in-between the pins on the picture) of the lining (so that you can turn the pouch outside in).

Turn everything outside in and give a top stich on the turning hole opening (or sew by hand).

zipped crochet purse
Turn the pouch outside in and close the turning hole.

That’s it!

The Multi-purpose Crochet Pouch

I really enjoyed making this super quick crochet pouch.

I hope you enjoy it too! If so, make sure to pin this post for later.

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