Denim or Jean Quilt Patterns

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: July 3, 2021

Grab a faded and soft pair of jeans to create beautiful denim quilts. You will need a lot of fabric to make a quilt and for this, you can check the local thrift shops. Unused old jeans that are lying comfortably in your wardrobe will be needed. You may use jeans that are out of fashion or do not fit you. Make their best use by crafting amazing jean quilts.

Jean Quilt Pattern

Decide the quilt size initially for this project and collect old jeans that can meet your requirements.

Denim Quilt

Make a quilt of any size as no particular measurement is required. Collect your old favorite denim to start the project.

Denim Diamond Quilt

Denim quilts are heavy so you can have them as lap or shoulder covers. It is durable so you can treasure the quilt for a long.

Jean Quilt

Use old jeans and fleece that can result in a comfortable quilt. The design is simple and you will love hand stitching.

Denim Fleece Quilt

The jean quilt gets a unique look because of its stitch. The fleece backing makes it more comfortable. For a classy appearance, you can also add some lace.

Denim Rag Quilt

This denim rag quilt is warm and very cozy. You can make it for your loved ones too.

Blue Jean Quilt

The quilt back is fluffy and warm. This handcrafted beautiful quilt is perfect for kids and adults.

Denim Quilt Pattern

You do not need sewing experience for this project. It is perfect for beginners as it employs simple seams.

Old Jeans Quilt

Denim is a durable and rugged fabric. It comes in several shades so you can make amazing quilts with your old jeans.

Jean Quilt Pattern

The pattern will allow you to make lovely quilts from old jeans. Sew up this quilt pattern and gift it to your loved ones.

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