Designer Quilting Ideas


Designer quilting ideas come along with varieties of modern patterns, novelty prints, and quilting fabrics. The creative new combinations never fail to impress. Whether you are beginning your first project, wondering about designing the best quilts, or looking for a weekend project we have gathered lots of creative ideas.

Diagonal Stripe Quilt

This is a perfect way to start your quilting journey. The easy quilt pattern is suitable for beginners.

Chevron Quilt Pattern

There is no other pattern as beautiful and simple as this quilt pattern. The design is so pretty and interesting that you will try it for sure.

Gingham Coral Quilt Top

Gingham is a smaller version of Buffalo check. Try making this pattern as it is fun to make.

Minimal Triangles Quilt Pattern

This is a modern yet minimal quilt pattern. It looks great and fun to sew.

Indian Summer FREE Baby Quilt Pattern

The baby quilt pattern is perfect for beginners. This easy and fun pattern comes with great color choice and it looks amazing.

Retro Plaid Free Quilt Pattern

The pattern may look complicated however it is simple to make and gives different look to the quilt.

Twisted Ribbons Free Quilt Pattern

The design is beautiful and the stitch is simple. The pattern gives lovely look to the end product. You can choose the colors of your choice and showcase your creativity.

Squared Quilt Pattern

The squared quilt pattern is a new favorite among modern and traditional quilters alike. The simple yet statement quilt is loved by all travelers.

Tiny Tile Quilt

Playful flickers of hues and the lovely pattern are classic. You will surely be mesmerized by this quilt.

Soft ‘n Snugly Baby Quilt Pattern

The back of a quilt might seem less important when compared to the front but the quilt back is a crucial part.