DIY Stepping Stones


Making your DIY stepping stones creates beautiful and functional art for your garden floor. Stepping stones help you move all around the garden without damaging the soil and pebbles. Stepping stones also add beauty to the garden.

Decorative DIY Stepping Stone

Add beauty to your outdoor setting with a moon and sun stepping stone. It looks stunning and enhances the garden décor.

Steps To Make Large Concrete Stepping Stones

Follow the instructions carefully to make stepping stones for your garden.

Make Garden Stepping Stones

Make a beautiful garden path and add a statement to your yard in no time.

DIY Mosaic Garden Stepping Stones

The mosaic stepping stones are sturdy and remain intact for years.

Flower Stepping Stone DIY Idea

Fill your garden with colors with this beautiful colored stepping stone.

Make Cement Stepping Stones

DIY Cement Stepping Stones
Make Cement Stepping Stones

Cement stepping stones add a touch of simplicity and beauty to your garden in no time.

DIY Decorative Stepping Stone for Kids

This stepping stone for a garden is made with special crack-resistant concrete and stained glass design.

Cute DIY Baby Footprint Stepping Stone

These stepping stones are adorable and add life to your garden. You will love them.

DIY Handprint Garden Stepping Stone

These stones are beautiful and come of great quality. Each stone is made carefully keeping all details in mind.

Make Your Own Stepping Stones

The stepping stones are made with concrete for durability and you can enjoy them for several years.