Dulytek DM 1005 Manual Heat Press Machine 3” x 5” Dual Heat Plates


If you’re looking for a performance-driven and affordable heat press for a small-scale garment printing business then look no further. The Dulytek®DM1005 Manual Heat Press Machine with Dual Heat Plates is easily one of the best heat presses for domestic businesses. This manual clamshell style not only weighs much less than its forerunner, the DM1000 but also tends to be more hardwearing and sturdy.

The Dulytek DM1005 has an aesthetic appeal that is unmistakable and distinctive but at the same time very performance oriented. At the heart of this manual heat press is a pair of 3” x 5” aluminum heat plates capable of applying 1500lbs of pressure. This heat printing machine from Dulytek features a locking lever system and a pressure adjustment knob for application of maximum force.

The Dulytek heat press machine with dual heat plates has a built-in receptive two-channel touch-screen for setting the temperature and time. The heat press machine comes fully assembled and therefore can be used right out of the box. The unit is shipped with a range of tools and accessories, including a starter kit to help you get started right away.

Dulytek is offering two varieties of the same heat press-220V for Australian and European users and the 110V exclusively for North American customers. This manual dual plated heat press is a standalone unit i.e. you do not need any other device or equipment for operating it. The machine has been designed innovatively keeping the aspect of ergonomics in mind, thereby making it easy to run.

Additionally, the modularity in design ensures that you can repair and maintain the unit comfortably as well as upgrade it. Since this heat press has been constructed out of industrial grade materials, the machine is guaranteed to stay functional for many years.  

Key Features

The Dulytek DM1005 Manual Heat Press Machine with Dual Heat Plates has been designed especially to facilitate small business operations. You’re spared from having to consistently to apply manual pressure, thanks to the combined effectiveness of the pressure adjustment knob and the locking lever mechanism. The two 3” x 5” heat plates crafted out of industrial grade aluminum guarantees uniform heat distribution for immaculate results. The touch-screen timer press and temperature controls aid in programming and save heat transfer parameters for multi-batch pressing. You can adjust the temperature settings that enable you to view the temperature in Centigrade (Celsius) or Fahrenheit as per your convenience.

  • Durable construction –Every component of this manual heat press starting from the dual heat plates to the pressure adjustment to the locking lever is durable and resilient. The best grades of materials, including metals and plastics, have been used for fabricating the different heat press components.
  • Intuitive touch-screen controls –A conspicuous two-channel control panel is permanently entrenched on the unit’s left end with the Dulytek logo embossed above it. The dual-channel controller exploits touch-screen technology for enabling accurate presetting of temperature and the duration of the heat transfer process. You can preset the appropriate temperature for both the plates separately or independently in Celsius or Fahrenheit scales. 
  • Separate models for American and European users –The manufacturer has designed and produced two distinct versions of the DM1005 Manual Heat Press Machine-220V for European and Australian users and 110V for North American customers. However, the features and functionalities for both the models are identical and both versions come with a 2-year warranty.
  • Fully adjustable pressure knob –The fully adjustable pressure knob allows you to set the pressure in accordance with the thickness of the material
  • Clamshell-style heat press-The two heat plates open up and close firmly just like a clam or oyster which ensures that the end result is excellent. At the same time, you can rest assured that the imprints, icons, logos, and illustrations will remain permanently on the t-shirts
  • Robust arm handle –The robust arm handle is reinforced with a receptive locking mechanism for effecting a maximum pressure of 1550lbs/750kgs
  • Velvety handle grip –The locking lever handle has a velvety grip which lets you hold the lever firmly without compromising comfortableness
  • Rubberized feet at the base –The machine is outfitted with rubberized feet on its underside that allows you to stabilize the unit, especially on uneven surfaces
  • CE /RoHS certified –This heat press enjoys both CE/RoHS certifications which implies that the machine is approved for use in the European Union
  • 2 years limited warranty –The machine comes with a 2-year limited warranty. Hence if the unit develops any technical fault or if any component starts malfunctioning, the manufacturer will replace the machine or the defective part.
  • Compact and lightweight –As it is a clamshell-style heat press, the unit occupies less storage space compared to a swing-away heat press. On the other hand, the machine weighs 30lbs which makes it less heavy than swivel type models.
  • Complimentary set of accessories with starter kit –The Dulytek DM1005 heat printing machine comes with the complete set of accessories and tools necessary for heat transfer printing. The package includes four magnets, one 3ml rosin jar, 10 parchment paper sheets, and non-stick silicone mat amongst other accessories. Also included is a free starter kit that guides printers on how to make the most of this manual heat press.


  • Space-saving- Being a clamshell-style heat press, the Dulytek DM1005 heat printing machine takes up very little space on the worktop or tabletop.
  • Easy and simple operation- This heat press comes with very few moving parts which make the unit quite simple to operate, handle, and maintain.
  • Responsive two-channel controller –The unit features a prominent two-channel controller that lets you program the time and temperature appropriate for the printing project. The printer can select the temperature up to a maximum of 450°F/232°C while the timer has a range of 0-999 seconds
  • Touch-screen technology –You’ll simply need to mildly touch the icons for temperature and time for programming the parameters as per your working requirements
  • Remarkably lightweight –The DM 1005 manual heat press weighs 30 pounds (13.6kgs) which makes it quite lightweight. In fact, the DM 1005 is lighter in comparison to the previous edition-the DM1000


  • Expensive setup-The OEM unit may be affordable but you’ll still have to buy other supplies that’ll eventually add to your overall expenses
  • Incapable of layering colors– This heat press machine may not be able to transfer a design or pattern having a spectrum of colors as efficiently as a swing-away or draw type heat press.
  • Timeconsuming heat transfer process –Before you can start the heat transfer process, you’ll need to stencil the sublimation paper or HTV perfectly for an impeccable print. So it does not bear emphasis that the entire process is very time-consuming and hence not suitable when it comes to bulk printing.    
  • Unsuitable for largescale commercial projects – This Dulytek DM 1005 manual heat press has been designed specifically for assisting and benefiting home-based and small-scale printing businesses. The dual heat plates are not large enough for imprinting on plus size or even medium-sized t-shirts.


Rounding off, it can be conclusively inferred that the Dulytek DM1005 Manual Heat Press Machine with Dual Heat Plates is most suitable for small businesses. If you’re an entrepreneur who excels in customizing t-shirts, mugs, plates, cans, puzzles and various other personal items of your customers then go for this heat press. Not only is this heat press remarkably pocket-friendly but also comes integrated with a host of versatile features that makes it very functional.