Easy Knitting Patterns for Beginners


Knitting is fun. Beginners can also make a wide range of designs and textures. If you are keen to create a beautiful handmade scarf, pullover, toys and more then it is the right time to grab your knitting needles and accomplish the super easy projects. You can create beautiful projects in a limited time only with the beginner skills.

Color Block Garter Stitch Scarf

You will love this garter stitch scarf. It keeps the neck warm and toasty. The design is such that it can be completed easily and worn quickly.

Confetti Scarf in Stockinette Stitch

The scarf looks like vanilla icing with pink sparkles. It is very light and airy but does not compromise on the warmth. You will love this soft and girly scarf.

Chunky Knit Pillow

This soft and cute round pillow will add to the room’s beauty. It is the perfect gift for all occasions like a bridal shower, baby shower, housewarming party and wedding.

Easy Baby Booties

The simple yet beautiful baby booties are a perfect gift for a baby. The flower is optional because the booties look cool even without a flower. The elastic design easily stretches as the baby’s feet grow.  

Star Dust Garter Stitch Scarf

The pattern is simple and the scarf looks pretty. You can make this project in few days and it makes a great gift.

Summer Fling Triangle Shawl

The triangle asymmetrical shawl is knitted in one piece. It is perfect for romantic sunset walks. The decorative edges add to its beauty.

Bulky Throw Blanket

This perfect wool spread keeps you warm in chilly winters. If you want a cozy and warm chunky knit blanket this one is the right choice.

Lacy Knit Top

This trendy top is one of the best designs for beginners. You will love this elegant handmade top.

Cute Kitty Hat

Show some love to your four-legged friend with this cute kitty hat. The colorful pompom hat looks great on cats and kittens.

Drop Stitch Kimono

The handmade Kimono is loose-fitting and more comfortable. This fashionable clothing offers extra coverage yet it is airy and light. 

Short-Sleeved Pullover

This stunning sweater is elegant and simple. It is perfect for summer and spring. It pairs well with skirts, jeans, and skinny pants.

Double Seed Stitch Baby Blanket

Double Seed Stitch Baby Blanket
Double Seed Stitch Baby Blanket

This baby blanket looks amazing and it makes a superb gift. The combination of simple stitches creates a beautiful blanket for a baby.  

Fat Cat Stuffed Toy

The funny and cute big stuffed cat toy will be a favorite of all family members and a great decoration for the room. 

Easy Breezy Cardigan

This easy-to-make cardigan is a perfect transition garment that you can create in any size you want. Make it as short or long as your choice.

Vancouver Toque Lined Hat

The simple and beautiful hat is graceful. You can create this project with the colors of your choice. 

Ionos Infinity Scarf

An infinity scarf is an elegant and fun pattern to make. You will surely enjoy this project when temperatures are low outside.

Slip-On Baby Bibs

This amazing yet simple pattern is perfect for a newbie.  Knitting may look hard but it only needs little practice and you can create anything you like.