Easy Way to Make Yarn POM POM

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: February 23, 2023

Knitting projects are always fun but adding some extra color pop makes them super interesting. Pom poms can be added to knitting projects and different other exciting crafts. Pom poms are easy to make and do not need special supplies and tools.

You can make pom-poms that match the color of your craft. If you have leftover yarns of different projects then making pom-poms can be the best choice. You can add pom poms to hats, ends of the scarf, and other projects to make them attractive.  You can also make a wreath using colorful pom poms. These add beauty to your home décor.

Pom poms are easily available in the market but if you are a craft lover then try making colorful pom poms from different color yarns. Create your own and experience the fun.


  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Small circular items

1. Create templates for Pom pom


Take cardboard and trace circles using the round items like lids etc. Trace a large circle and then a smaller circle inside the larger ones. The diameter of the pom-pom is decided by the diameter of the larger circle. 

Make different sizes of templates to make several sizes of pom-poms.

2.  Circles cut out

 Cut out the larger circle and then cut a slit to reach the center of the circle and cut away the center. Make a slit in such a way that your yarn can easily pass through.

3.  Wrap Yarn around the Template

Wrap yarn around the ring. Securely hold the yarn end and wrap it over the end. Fill in the gaps of the entire ring.

4. Wrap Yarn all Around  the Ring

Wrap throughout the ring and wrap some more. Make sure that the ring is plump with a center almost filled to create around and full pom pom. Wrap some less yarn for a floppy and loose pom pom.

5. Cut Yarn Around the Ring Edge

Trim the yarn wrapped around the ring. Snip through the yarn along the ring edge. Make sure to cut each yarn strand. Small point sharp scissors are good to go for this process. While cutting makes sure that the pieces are not pushed to one side and they should not come out through the slit.

6. Tie all the Yarn Pieces Altogether

Once the edges are snipped make sure to cut the yarn lengthwise and tie around the pom-pom middle. Wrap the yarn ends to another side to tie a double knot. Pull yarn tightly but yarn should not break. Leave the ends long and remove the template.

7. Give it a Shape

Now pom pom may not look good at this point. So you have to trim the yarn for good shape. Workaround the pom pom but hold onto the long yarn ties. Keep turning while trimming.

8. Finish the Project

When it looks good and you have almost finished the project then roll it gently in your palm. The process fluffs the pom pom and you get to know if any area needs trimming.

Trim if left and use the long yarn ties to attach where you need.

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