Best 15 Amazing Embroidery Floral Patterns

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: September 3, 2020

Flowers create positivity, and when it comes to embroidery, the floral patterns are the first choice. These patterns are classic and go out of trend throughout the years. The lovely thread work accentuates the look of any project. Embroidery ranges from miniature to exquisite. Embroidery is an art that is famous all over the world as it quickly transforms fabric from the ordinary to extraordinary. Flowers are the popular theme of embroidery, so
they are the part of most of the projects.

DIY Mother’s Day Printable Embroidery Gift 

The pattern is must have for everyone who wants to learn embroidery. It is easy to follow, and varieties of colors can be used. This is an awesome gift for the Mother’s day.

Home Sweet Home House and Flowers Embroidery Pattern

Are you going to your friend’s house warming party on the weekend? Use your skills and do this beautiful project to gift it to your friend.

Embroidered and Printed Floral Pattern in a Hoop

The floral embroidered pattern has a lovely design. The pattern looks adorable and takes lesser time to complete.

Freeform Felt Flowers Tutorial

If you have chunky scrapes that you need to utilize for any project, then no worries; prepare the beautiful roses that look so pretty.

Photographic Cherry Blossom Fabric Pattern

The excellent pattern will be a perfect gift. You will not be disappointed, so step forward and gift it to your spouse.


Housewarming Flowers Embroidery Pattern

The pattern requires various stitches like backstitch, straight stitch, seed stitch, French knots couching stitch, and fishbone stitch. For a beginner, it will help to learn different stitches in a single project.

Cherry Blossom Embroidery on Printed Background Fabric

The beautiful scenery with mountains and flowers looks alluring. The unique color combination makes it worth trying.

How to Create Embroidered Felt Flowers?

Learn to make embroidered felt flowers and decorate your home with colorful bright colors.

Hooped Spring Garden Embroidery Pattern

This delicate and colorful hoop is a perfect addition to the favorite space of your home. The flowers popping out the fabric look decent.

Bold and Colorful Floral Embroidery Pattern

If you want to create something with a thread painting, then this pattern is perfect for you. However, you can try it without thread painting.

Geometric Rose Hand Embroidery Pattern

The design suits all the home décor, and it is perfect for the beginner as well as a seasoned stitcher. The pattern is based entirely on a backstitch or stabs stitch.

Simply Stitched Floral Dishtowels

The eye-grabbing blue flowers and pink rose on the dishtowel look beautiful when hanging in your kitchen. It makes a perfect gift for housewarming.

Pink Rose Geometric Florals Embroidery Pattern

The pattern is straightforward and easy to make. The pink rose embroidered design is impressive.

Whimsical Thread Painted Flower Pattern

Beginners can also try this daisy pattern. You are also free to use the beautiful design without thread painting.

Sketched Style Floral Embroidery Pattern

The evenly distributed flowers are enough to accentuate the look. Embrace your home with this lovely embroidered pattern.

Floral Embroidered Kitchen Towels

Amazing pattern! The set of two towels with embroidered lovely flowers of different colors is brilliant. The border is the pink and yellow floral print.

Garden Rose Hand Embroidery Pattern

Beautiful pattern! The floral embroidery is fantastic, and it complements elegant designs.

Needle Painted Floral Embroidery With Plant and Embroidery Floss

Thread painting, also known as needle painting, combines the beautiful blend of shades and colors. The pattern will turn out amazing.

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