11 Embroidery Patterns for a Wedding

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: September 3, 2020

Are you eagerly waiting for your best friend’s wedding and planning to give a special gift to the couple than showcase your embroidery skills to make their wedding memorable. Some patterns are so easy and beautiful that beginners can also do the projects. The embroidery patterns range from simple to highly detailed art. The pretty designs for a wedding are perfect for conveying love and blessing to the new couple. Some patterns are personalized and adequate for gifting, while others are perfect for uplifting the wedding decor.

Embroidered Table Numbers

The hoops are simple, yet they will give a unique look to each table. Include them in your wedding decor, and you can also add felt flowers for accentuating the look.

Bride and Groom Text Patterns

The bride and groom’s text pattern hoops will look amazing when hanging on the sweetheart table. Stitch them according to the wedding décor to upgrade the look.

Embroidered Wedding Hoop Customizable Pattern

If you want to make something wonderful for a wedding than this hoop art is the best to start. The floral pattern shows the names so you can make the one for a wedding.

Bride and Groom Text Patterns

The pattern is simple yet cute. Mr. and Mrs. Wedding’s cross stitch pattern will be the long- lasting memory of the auspicious wedding.


Wedding Wishes Embroidery Transfer Pattern

The hand-embroidered greeting cards is a lovely gift for congratulating new couple or gift it on their wedding anniversary to revive the feelings.

Mr. and Mrs. Script Embroidery Pattern

The script embroidery pattern looks different from classic floral patterns. Fill the alphabets with bright colors to uplift the appearance.

Bride and groom patterns

The bride and groom pattern is easy to make. You can use different bright colors and make the wedding more special.

Vintage Wedding Bells Pattern

A beautiful wedding bell pattern is a perfect gift. The colorful embroidery will make it look great.

Embroidered wedding hoop

What will be more special than a personalized gift on your friend’s wedding? The hoop uniquely holds the special day. You will love to embroider such a personalized gift for relatives, friends, or loved ones.

Wedding wishes pattern set

Wishes are necessary to make the life beautiful. The embroidered piece is perfect for gifting on the wedding day, as it is meaningful and small. This is awesome and will take only a few hours to make.

Customizable Wedding Hoop Pattern

This makes the last-minute gift for the perfect couple. The lovely wedding colors give this floral pattern an eye-grabbing look.


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