ePhotoInc New Digital 15” x 15” T-Shirt Heat Transfer Press Sublimation Machine


If you’re looking for a performance-driven and pocket-friendly heat press machine for your garment printing business then the ePhotoInc heat press makes a good buy. This 15” x 15” digital heat transfer press is a clamshell-style sublimation heat printing machine perfectly suitable for hobbyist printers and beginners. At the same time, printers with a specific level of experience will also find this ePhotoInc heat press sufficiently handy.

Since this is a clamshell type heat press, it comes with a heat platen that opens upwards while its platform remains fixed. Owing to the clamshell-style profile, the machine takes up a very small amount of space on the tabletop or floor. The heat press features a top-mounted pressure adjustment knob that allows the user to easily set the pressure simply by turning the button.

A highly receptive digital LCD control board lets you preset the temperature and time while an integrated alarm notifies you when the process is complete. This ePhotoInc sublimation heat press is ideal for transferring icons, logos, letters, numbers, illustrations, and representations on t-shirts. However you can also use this digital heat press for embossing designs on ceramic plates, tiles, and mugs, mouse mats, and several other items with a flat surface.

But keep in mind that you’ll require a sublimation printer for hot stamping on flat surfaced items apart from t-shirts. When it comes to printing on t-shirts, this 15” x 15” heat press machine can handle medium to small-scale projects. Therefore choose this clamshell heat press only if you’re intending to heat transferring vinyl on 25-30 shirts per hour.

Garment printers can use the heat printing machine right out of the box as the unit comes fully assembled.

Key features

Most of the digital heat transfer press sublimation machine brands available out there tend to be expensive. However, the ePhotoInc 15” x 15” digital t-shirt heat transfer press is one of the few heat press models that is very budget-friendly priced below US$ 200. Nevertheless do not judge the efficacy of the heat press based on the machine’s price alone.

This ePhotoInc clamshell sublimation heat press comes with a 15 x 15 inch heating surface which is sufficient for spreading out medium-sized t-shirts and other garments. You can use the completely flat surface to good effect for transferring imprints on any item with a leveled surface. The pressure adjustment knob right above the heat platen lets you preset the pressure according to the thickness of the material.

The built-in LCD control panel on one side is readily accessible, enabling you to conveniently set the time and temperature for the heat transfer process. You can preset the parameters at any time based on the fabric or material that you are embellishing or printing on. With this heat press, you can pass on your creative designs, artworks, patterns, and embellishments not only on t-shirts but also on other flat glass or metallic surfaces.

The non-stick Teflon coat layered on the heat platen guarantees that the surface of the heat transfer material does not get scorched or burnt.

Features to look out for

  • Brand new and state-of-the-art heat transfer sublimation machine –This is a brand new clamshell-style heat press integrated with functional features. This ePhotoInc heat press features a 15” x 15” heat platen, offering adequate space for heat transferring imprints on small and medium-size t-shirts
  •  Power output specifications – The heat press has a rating of 1400 watts at 110V which makes the machine very energy-efficient. The energy efficiency of the unit implies that the user will be able to save on utility bills.
  • Advanced LCD control panel –The sophisticated control panel embedded on one end of the machine is quite prominent. The user or printer can program the temperature and the duration of the heat transfer process using the LCD control. One can view the temperature either in Celsius or Fahrenheit scales.
  • Integrated with a Teflon sheet –This ePhotoInc sublimation heat press machine is shipped with a thick Teflon sheet. The broad non-stick Teflon sheet covers the lower platform and ensures uniform heat transfer throughout the fabric or material. Most importantly, the Teflon cover safeguards t-shirts, ceramic plates, mouse pads, and jigsaw puzzles from getting burnt due to overheating.
  • Wide range of time and temperature –The printer can set the temperature in a range varying from 68°F/20°C (room temperature) to 500°F. On the other hand, he can program the timer from 0-999 seconds. Digital temperature and time controls aid in precision programming or setting that ensure consistent results time and again.
  • Easily adjustable pressure knob –Apart from precise selection of the parameters of temperature and time, the user also needs to make sure the platen applies even pressure. This ePhotoInc digital sublimation heat press features a large knob entrenched at the top of the unit. It is the thickness of the heat transfer material that determines the pressure level the printer needs to set. 

One simply needs to turn the knob in a clockwise direction for setting the pressure.

  • Clamshell-style heat press –Being a clamshell type heat press, the user just needs to pull the heat platen upwards and then lower it down to transfer the design on the t-shirt. A robust press handle permanently attached to the platen allows the printer to raise and lower the plate. Clamshell heat presses by virtue of their design or structure, tend to take up very little space on the table top
  • Receptive alarm system –This digital sublimation heat press has an intuitive alarm system that goes off as soon as the heat transfer process is complete.


  • Perfect for beginners and intermediate level users –This ePhotoInc heat press features a very minimalist yet practical design making the machine ideal for intermediate level printers and beginners. The 15” x 15” sublimation heat press has very few components that the printer needs to deal with. The main components include the on/off switch, digital LCD control, pressure knob, press handle, heat platen, and silicone padding.
  • Space saving –This clamshell heat press whose heat platen opens upwards occupies minimal space for installation.
  • Easy to operate –Since the machine has very few moving parts, the user finds it very easy to operate and maintain the unit.
  • Remains in service for years on end –The different parts or components of the machine have been crafted out of premium grade of plastics and metal. Durably designed and constructed, the unit is guaranteed to last for years on end.


  • Limits working space –The heat plate could get in your way which eventually restricts the room or space needed to work effectively and comfortably. Printers may have to struggle to place the shirt onto the platform or lower plate and position the HTV or sublimation paper over the shirt without the top platen getting in their way.
  • The control panel’s location can be a handicap –The control panel’s location on one side atop the unit is both an advantage and drawback at the same time. The digital panel’s location on one hand offers quick and easy access to the user
  • Risk of suffering burns –The operator’s hands remains directly under the heat platen while working. So if the user is not careful or cautious while working, he might end up burning his hands.
  • The alarm beeps are a tad loud –Many users have complained that the


It can be convincingly inferred that this 15” x 15” ePhotoInc New Digital T-shirt Heat Transfer Sublimation Heat Press Machine is suitable for beginners and intermediate level printers. The ergonomic and simplistic design of this heat press enables printers to operate it easily. This heat press comes equipped with versatile features which enables the printer to use this machine to good advantage.

Printers will also warm up to the fact that this heat press is very pocket-friendly, costing below US$200.