Fancierstudio Digital Sublimation Rhinestone Heat Press for t-shirts 15’ x 15”


The Fancierstudio Digital Sublimation Rhinestone clamshell-style Heat Press is ideal for any commercial or home-based t-shirt or garment printing business.  This 15” x 15” digital heat press from Fancierstudio can help take your t-shirt printing trade to the next level or assist you in getting started. The sublimation heat press is perfect for heat transferring images, icons, and illustrations on different fabrics and materials including t-shirts, canvas bags, ceramic tiles, and mouse mats.

Featuring an ergonomic and compact profile and opening upwards, this rhinestone heat press from Fancierstudio takes up minimal installation space. This brand new clamshell heat press is a vast improvement over its immediate forerunner; it now features a non-stick Teflon coating on the heat platen along with a silicone sheet.

Electronic time and temperature controls contribute towards seamless transferring of designs and patterns on garments, mouse pads, and ceramic tiles. The 15” x 15” work area offers plenty of room for customizing your personal items such as garments, mugs, ID badges, and so on. However, this heat press is best suited for domestic or hobbyist printing projects and not apt for large-scale or sweeping industrial applications.

Both professional printers and those who still have a long way to go on the learning curve will find it easy to operate this heat press. This clamshell heat press from Fancierstudio best suited for domestic printing purposes is very pocket-friendly as well. In this article, we will walk you through the features and functionalities of this heat press and also how to use the machine to your advantage.

Key Features of Fancierstudio Sublimation Rhinestone Heat Press, 15” x 15”

The 15” x 15” industrial-quality digital sublimation rhinestone heat press is a brand new offering from Fancierstudio, equipped with functional enhancements. For instance, this clamshell-style heat press features a silicone rubber sheet that is glued down which aids in stable placement of the heat transfer material. The state-of-the-art heat press comes with a heat platen coated with a heavy-duty and durable non-stick material.

The non-stick coating not only prevents fabrics, canvas bags, and mouse pads from sticking to the heated plate but also keeps the heat transfer materials from singeing or burning. Also the compactness of this upward opening sublimation heat press implies that the machine can be set up comfortably in a small space or enclosure. No wonder the 15 x 15 inch digital heat press comes in perfectly handy for personalized heat transfer projects.

You can make the most of this Fancierstudio heat press for heat transferring vinyl in the form of numbers, alphabets, images, and graphics on different surfaces.    

  • Electronic/digital time and temperature control –The integrated electronic panel allows for precise setting of time and temperature for heat transferring imprints on different fabrics and materials.
  • Hardwearing heat platen –The framework and platen both constructed from industrial-grade steel makes the entire unit hardwearing and resilient.
  • Flexible pressure adjustment knob –One simply needs to turn the pressure adjustment knob clockwise for setting the pressure appropriate for the heat transfer item
  • Clamshell-style heat press –Upward opening top plate makes for firm pressing, resulting in top quality impressions and illustrations on the heat transfer materials.
  • Space-saving and compact –The clamshell-type profile of this heat press implies that the machine takes up minimal installation space. 
  • Silicone gel baseboard –Adaptable silicone gel baseboard with coating protects heat transfer material from burning or scorching
  • Compatible with a variety of fabrics and materials –Compatible with a variety of fabrics and materials including cotton t-shirts, ceramic tiles, canvas bags, and mouse pads


  • Upward opening heat platen for firm pressing and also contributes saving tabletop space
  • Form fitting rubber wrap on handle for solid grip without sacrificing comfortableness
  • Easy to install and work with
  • Wide temperature range: 0°F-699°F
  • Extensive time range: 0-999 seconds


  • Does not open or close up very smoothly
  • The flimsiness of the Teflon coating necessitates purchasing of extra sheets
  • Instruction manual not included
  • Not suitable for voluminous printing projects

Benefits and Drawbacks of Clamshell-Type Heat Press Machines

A clamshell heat press such as the Fancierstudio heat press machine reviewed above opens up and closes like a clam or mollusk. To be specific, it is the upper part of the platen i.e. the heat platen that opens in an upward direction while the lower plate remains fixed. To operate a clamshell-style heat press, you first need to pull the heat platen upwards and then press it down on the t-shirt placed on the lower plate.

Both the plate components have the same dimensions and therefore the plates clam up perfectly. Clamshell-style heat presses by dint of their structure, tend to be more compact and less hefty than swivel-arm heat presses. Hence clamshell type heat press machines are comparatively takes up less space compared to swing-away machines and also more portable.


  • Most suitable for beginners –Beginners and less experienced professionals find a clamshell heat press easier to work with, thanks to its convenient set up.
  • Takes up very little room –One of the biggest benefits of choosing a clamshell-type heat press is that the machine occupies very little room. The fact that this heat press opens upward means you can put the space around the machine to good use. After setting up the machine on a table top
  • Easier to work with –Since these machines open up and close easily like an oyster or clam, you can operate them easily and quickly. Therefore you’ll be able to complete your heat transfer projects with greater speed and process more orders using a clamshell heat press compared to other types of heat press.
  • Highly affordable –Clamshell heat press machines tend to be less costly than swivel-style or pneumatic draw-out heat press machines.


  • Limited working space –As only the upper plate of a clamshell-style heat press is movable (it goes up), you’ve to make do with very limited space for transferring imprints.
  • Incapable of applying even pressure –The clamshell heat press comes with only a single hinge or pivot you’ll have a tough time applying even pressure throughout the heat transfer material.
  • Risk of suffering burns –Since only the top part of the machine opens in an upward direction to a limited extent the space in between the lower and upper plates is inadequate. So there’s always the possibility that your hands or other parts of the body may inadvertently touch the upper plate while working, causing serious burns.


This FancierStudio Clamshell Sublimation Heat Press 15” x 15” is ideal for veteran printers and beginners processing garment printing orders on a small scale. This digital sublimation heat press machine is quite compact, requiring limited storage space, and very affordable at the same time.