Finger Knitting Projects

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: July 3, 2021

Finger knitting is the easiest form of knitting, as it does not utilize needles. This is a popular kid craft and adults enjoy finger-knitting projects.   You can master the knitting art without using needles. Use only arms and fingers to make interesting projects ranging from crafts to home luxury accessories.

Put a Finger-Knit Skip in Your Step

Put a Finger-Knit Skip in Your Step
Put a Finger-Knit Skip in Your Step

You can make this jump rope with the help of finger knitting. It is a great gifting option for adults.

Braid a Finger-Knitted Necklace

Create a chain of the desired length but leave a long end before starting the chain. It is simple to make and looks great with different outfits.

Braid a Finger-Knitted Necklace

Use your fingers to knit a beautiful necklace with the color of your choice. This is a quick and fun way to make an easy statement necklace.

Seasons with Finger Knitting

Engage your little ones in this traditional knitting and observe the happiness after the project completion.

Finger Knitting as Texture

Finger Knitting as Texture
Finger Knitting as Texture

Grab a ball of yarn and scissors to create texture. It can be on the beachside or road trips. 

Stay Snug and Cozy on a Finger-Knit Rug

A bedside rug is necessary to keep your feet warm once you get up from the bed in the morning. This little project completes in few hours.

Finger Knit a Fun Necklace

A finger knit necklace is a perfect way to involve your kids in a project. They will love to create a colorful necklace and share it with their friends.

Create a Finger-Knit Basket

Finger knit basket is easy to make. The project involves too much fun that your kids will love to help you during the task.

Add Finger Knitting to a Pillow

Kids love creating different things and finger knitting is the simple way to accomplish knitting projects.  

Weave a Finger-Knit Bath Mat

Weave a Finger-Knit Bath Mat
Weave a Finger-Knit Bath Mat

Now you need not shop for bath mats anymore as you can pair finger knitting and weaving to make a soft bath mat. You can make a large rug if you have patience.

Neck Warm With Finger Knitting

Made of brown, beige, and plum yarns this finger knitted scarf is the perfect addition to any outfit. It is warm, beautiful and soft.

Finger Knitting to Make a Beanie

All babies love beanies and this project is so simple that kids of all ages can complete this easily.

Finger Knit a Chunky Bracelet

Finger knitting is easy and fun. It is easy than regular knitting with the use of needles. You can complete this project within ten minutes. Kids can also make this chunky bracelet.

Furry Friend with Finger Knitting

Finger knitting can create so many things from soft toys to accessories of your choice. Once completing this project, you can try making other creatures too.

Finger Knit Adorable Animal Headbands

Use your fingers and arms to knit an adorable hand band. You can create several headbands in no time using your favorite colors.

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