Five Best PowerPress Heat Press Machines: Reviews of 2020


Experienced and established printers who own a printing business or are in charge of an organization are aware of the significance of a heat press machine. Nowadays, a clamshell or rotary heat press machine is at the core of a t-shirt or garment printing business. A heat press comes to your aid when you need to transfer graphics, illustrations, images, and designs onto ceramic, metallic, and fabric surfaces.

Of all the reputed brands of heat press machines that printers and designers rave about, PowerPress is one of them. PowerPress is a Boston-based printing equipment manufacturing company committed to providing its customers with excellent quality of heat press machines. The company has been manufacturing heat presses since 2012 and has a stable customer base of 1, 00,000+ in North America alone.

You can use a PowerPress heat press for passing on all and any type of impression onto a range of items and materials. The best PowerPress heat press machines come in entirely handy for both commercial and home-based printing businesses. This review walks you through the five best PowerPress heat press machines that are guaranteed to deliver.  

Buyers Guide

Why should you choose a PowerPress heat press for your business?

The Boston-based printing equipment firm has been producing and supplying heat presses since 2012. PowerPress heat press machines are top-rated all over North America owing to their excellent quality, sturdiness, and efficiency. The company specializes in developing heat presses that are user-friendly, perfect for heat transfer projects, and extremely safe to operate.

With a typical PowerPress heat press, you can see your innovative imprint designs taking shape on wood, ceramics, and fabrics. Of course, you can use a PowerPress heat press for stamping imprints on various other heat transfer materials and surfaces. When you choose a PowerPress machine for working on different materials and items, you can rest assured that the unit will stay functional for years on end.

The heat press machines of PowerPress come equipped with all the basic and advanced features, like any other quality brand. You’ll find both Clamshell-style and swing-away models capable of transferring characters, figures, images, and icons on a variety of surfaces. The framework of the machine is constructed from durable materials that impart incredible durability and resilience to the unit.

All PowerPress heat press models have a built-in Teflon coating for protecting the heat transfer materials from scorching. Also, the models have digital control panels and fully adjustable pressure knobs that enable selecting the appropriate temperature, time, and pressure for different fabrics.

Preparing to use a PowerPress heat press

At the outset, you’ll have to organize the room or space where you intend to install the PowerPress heat press. You’ll need more space for accommodating the 15” x 15”, 5-in-1 15” x 12”, and 8-in-1 15” x 12” units compared to the HomePress 12” x 10” (Gold and Pink) models. Additionally, you’ll have to make room for opening and using the unit and also have space for placing your printing materials.

Also, be careful in selecting your workspace as the PowerPress machine is not so portable that you shift it quickly. Ensure that your setting is well-ventilated and don’t become anxious if you smell an unpleasant odor. Almost all heat presses give off a repulsive whiff when you use them on the first few occasions.

After you have correctly arranged your space, you’ll have to get your heat transfer materials and surfaces in order. Avoid using synthetic fabrics such as nylon, rayon, and spandex as these materials may not be able to handle the heat. You’d be better off using thicker materials or fabrics like cotton, denim, and corduroy, polyester fleece, chenille fabric, and so on.    

Always make sure you are working on a completely flat and clean surface, and also wash and iron the fabric. You’ll have to place a sublimation paper or heat transfer paper atop the garment for applying the artwork or design. Follow the instructions outlined in the user manual for operating the heat press correctly and in a safe manner.

Reviewing the Best PowerPress Heat Press Machines

PowerPress Industrial Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Press Machine, 15” x 15.”

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If you want to grow and develop your printing business and expand your customer base, then go for the PowerPress 15” x 15” heat press machine. The Industrial Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Press Machine from PowerPress has almost everything going for it. For a start, the unit’s platen offers a large 15” x 15” surface area for heat press.

The heat platen’s Teflon coating ensures that all heat transfer material types are thoroughly protected from scorching. This heat press also features a fully digital LCD control panel for a quick selection of your preferred temperature and time. The thick and toughened aluminum platen ensures even and uniforms heat distribution throughout the surface.

The replaceable fuse helps safeguard the heat press from short-circuitry and overheating. 


  • Teflon layered heat platen
  • LCD control board: digital temperature and time controls (Temperature range: 32°F-455°F; Timer range: 0-999 seconds)
  • Silicone-gel baseboard
  • Full-range adjustable pressure knob
  • Heat platen dimensions: 15” x 15.”
  • Heat up time: 10-15 minutes


  • Dual electrical system shield ensures safe operation
  • The built-in electric control mechanism for ease of adjustment and maintenance
  • Silicone pad capable of withstanding a temperature of up to 352°C
  • Signal indicator beeps when the heat transfer process is complete
  • Unique rubber-coated form-fitting handle for optimal grip


  • A swing-away arm would keep the platen out of harm’s way
  • Beginners will have to struggle using the pressure knob effectively

 PowerPress 5-in-1 Multifunction Sublimation Heat Press Machine, 15” x 12”, Black

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You’ll find enough practical reasons to buy the PowerPress 5-in-1 multifunction sublimation heat press machine for your t-shirt printing unit. You can use this versatile heat press for transferring bright characters and images of dissolved and sublimating printing ink onto nylon, ceramics, cotton, flax, glasses, and chemical fiber. This heat press can transfer impression on almost every conceivable flat surface including but not limited to mousepads, and coasters.

The 5-in-1 multifunction sublimation heat press is also capable of some specific heat treatments like vesicant print and hair-planting imprint. The 5-in-1 press elements include the heat platen, t-shirt press, mug press, cap press, and dish press. The heat press body has been shaped out of industrial-grade steel that guarantees an enduring functional life.

The full-range pressure adjustment knob lets you select the right pressure level for a variety of thick and thin substrates.


  • Swing-away design for safe operation
  • Comes with Teflon coated heat platen
  • Includes one mug press, one hat press, and two plate presses
  • Specially thickened heat platen
  • Replaceable heat-resistant silica-gel padding


  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Capable of heat pressing a wide range of surfaces and materials
  • Framework constructed from premium quality steel for extended longevity
  • Electronic temperature and time controllers


  • Many customers have reported that the machine does not deliver sufficient pressure
  • The instructions on the manual are not very clear

8-in-1 Swing-Away Digital Heat Press Machine 15” x 12” by PowerPress

The 8-in-1, 15” x 12” Swing-Away Digital Press Heat Press Machine is the most versatile amongst all PowerPress heat presses. You can use this all-in-one heat press for transferring designs onto jigsaw puzzles, fabrics, caps, ceramic tiles and plates, and letterings. This plug-and-play PowerPress digital heat press can be used right out of the box and includes numerous upgraded attachments for mugs and plates.

With this heat-press, passing on vibrant and realistic characters and images created from sublimating and dissolved inks onto ceramics, textiles, and glasses are a breeze. This 8-in-1 swing-away heat press by PowerPress is lightweight and compact, implying that it is portable and occupies less space. 


  • Constructed from premium plastics and metal
  • CE certified
  • Digital LED controller
  • Detachable cotton and silicone padding
  • Easy to operate


  • Rubber strip on 32” long arm handle for a comfortable grip
  • Full 360° rotating swing-away arm
  • Audible alarm once the transfer process is complete
  • Fully adjustable pressure knob for selecting appropriate pressure depending on the surface thickness
  • Platen made of high-quality aluminum and coated with Teflon


  • The removable cotton and silicone pad may not be able to withstand very high temperatures

HomePress™ Portable Heat Press Machine Gold, 12” x 10” by PowerPress

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The 12” x 10” HomePress™ Portable Heat Press Machine is ideal for small-scale printing units. Setting the time and temperature is effortlessly accessible with this heat press. Using the HomePress heat press is supremely easy-you just need to place the garment and transfer paper/vinyl on the silicone pad, position the machine, and gently press the timer. After the transfer material cools down sufficiently, you simply have to peel off the adhesive film from the garment.

The safety base features ‘safety mode’ and ‘working mode’ functionalities that protect everybody from scorches and singes. The intuitive touch screen guarantees a smooth and trouble-free operation.


  • 10” x 12” heat transfer platen
  • Temperature display range: 32°F-355°F
  • Temperature setting range: 210°-355°F
  • Timer display range: 0-120 seconds
  • Timer setting range: 5-120 seconds
  • 1 x transfer vinyl sheet, 3 x heat resistant mat, 1 x safety base, 1 HomePress unit with manual


  • Across-the-board applications: heat press on vinyl, Lite/metallic foil, sublimation paper, holographic, and glitter
  • The dual-function base ensures comprehensive protection from scorches and burns
  •  Three-tiered heat-resistant construction shields the external cover from the heat
  • Four pressure regulating springs


  • Faulty design: You could hit the start button accidentally when applying pressure, leading to restarting time
  • An auto-shutoff function would have made the unit safer to use

HomePress™ Portable Heat Press Machine, Pink, 12” x 10.”

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The 12” x 10” heat platen is large enough for transferring graphics on garments for babies, children, teenagers, and adults. This HomePress heat press weighs just 8lbs, thereby enabling you to carry the unit from one place to another.


  • Dual-function safety base
  • Sweeping applicability
  • Secure anti-overheating system
  • Pressure-regulating spring system awaiting patent
  • Super sensitive touch screen


  • Patentable pressure controlling springs require a mild strain of the hand for heat transfer
  • Ergonomically designed heat-resistant mat for using along with pressure springs
  • Perceptive touch screen control panel for smooth operation
  • Heating components have a shutoff feature for preventing overheating
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Many users have complained about having issues using the machine effectively
  • The unit is not as sturdy as it looks


You bet you’ll thank yourself for choosing a PowerPress heat press as the machine has everything going for it. You can select the industrial quality 15” x 15”, 5-in-1 15” x 12” or the 8-in-1 15” x 12” model for completing large projects. The HomePress™ heat press models are ideal for domestic and small-scale settings.