Free Coin Purse Crochet Pattern

by Hanne // updated on: May 20, 2023

I had some beautiful yarn and I really wanted to try one of the unusual granny square patterns and so I decided to create this (big) coin purse as a gift for a friend and publish the free coin purse crochet pattern here on the blog so you can also make one!

This coin purse is made with 2 granny squares and I added lining and a zipper to make it more functional.

I used Ricorumi cotton yarn and a 3.5mm hook. This created a 16.5×16.5 cm purse.

free coin purse crochet pattern
Granny Square Coin Purse

Step 1: Crochet 2 Granny Squares

For this granny square, I followed the mosaic granny square explanation video. I picked this design because I like how impressive it looks but it is actually quite easy to do!
All you need to understand is how to do a front post treble crochet (which is simply a treble crochet but instead of sticking your hook in the stitch, you work around the post of the stitch).
This is what creates the relief in this motif.

Mosaic Granny Square

Here is the written explanation for this granny square.

Step 2: Attach the Zipper

I had seen videos online of people crocheting directly onto a zipper (instead of sewing) and I really wanted to try it out!

I used the smallest crochet hook I had (a 2 mm crochet hook) and I made a row of 32 single crochets directly through the zipper band (the same number of stitches as on the granny square).

It was surprisingly easy to crochet through the band, however, choosing the right spacing for the stitches and keeping it consistent was a much bigger challenge!

Stick the hook through the zipper band

Step 3: Attach the Granny to the Zipper

Now that the zipper has a row of single crochets, we can attach the granny square to it.

Use double crochets to attach the granny square to the single crochet on the zipper band.

For this I used the normal hook again (3.5mm in this case) and started with a slip stitch and then 3 chains in the first stitch of the granny square (the top right corner) and before doing the next stitch (the first double crochet) I would take the yarn of the hook, put the hook trough the single crochet stitch and pick the loop back up pulling it through the single crochet. Then I start the next double crochet.

This way, the zipper is crocheted onto the granny square.

Repeat this for the other side of the zipper with the second granny square.

Step 4: Attach the lining

In my version, I messed this up… I first closed the sides and bottom of the granny square BEFORE attaching the lining but it would have been so much better and easier to do it the other way around!

I cut 2 pieces of lining out of an old linen shirt the size of the granny squares.

Then I sewed the lining onto the zipper.

Then you have to close the sides of the lining. In this case I had to leave an opening so that I could turn the work outside in but obviously, if you first add the lining before closing the sides you won’t have to worry about that.

Step 5: Close the zipper

I used a divisible zipper, so now was the time to add the puller to the zipper and close it.

Step 6: Crochet the 2 Granny Squares Together

To crochet the 2 grannies together, I first did a round of double crochets on the front granny and then used the same technique as I used to attach the granny to the zipper.
In the back granny, make a double crochet, when finished with the double crochet, take the loop of the hook and insert the hook through the stitch of the double crochet on the front granny, pick the loop back up and start the next double crochet.

Work all around.

This creates a nice border effect and neatly attaches the granny squares together.

Now it’s your turn!

I hope you liked this unusual granny coin purse project! Let me know if you made it yourself.

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