7 Free Sewing Patterns for Knit Fabrics

by Hanne // updated on: May 10, 2023

Sewing patterns for knit fabrics are an excellent way to start sewing jersey fabric. In the following list you’ll discover 7 easy sewing patterns that you can get started on today. 

One of the biggest advantages of sewing knit fabric is how quick it is to do! Because of the stretch fabric used in these models, there’s no need to add a zipper, or darts, which makes sewing jersey fabric so satisfying. 

I’m sure sewing stretch fabric will soon become one of your favorite things to do when looking for a quick sewing project!

Vera Knit Top – Free PDF Pattern

Free PDF sewing pattern for knitted fabrics

Why we like it: The Vera top has a really nice sleeve that’s sure to stand out. And the pattern comes with full instructions so you’ll also learn how to make a V neck with a neck band and how to make the fitted cuff. On top of that, the model is really flattering as it is fitted around the bust but loose around the waist area. 

Level: Intermediate

Download the knit top pdf sewing pattern here

Basic leggings

Leggins free sewing pattern

Why we like it: Leggings are a staple in every women’s closet. So why not learn to make them yourself? That way you can always have them in the right color, right size etc. On top of that they are super easy to make so it would only take you a few minutes to make a new one!

Download the free leggings pattern here

Knit Skirt with Yoga Waist Band

easy skirt free sewing pattern

Why we like it: You know what’s easier than downloading a printable pattern? Not needing a pattern at all! For this skirt all you need is your waist line measurements and you’re good to go. On top of that there are literally only 3 seams so this is another quick and easy project. And note the raw edge on the bottom of the skirt? This will save time and works perfectly with this model. Sew in an afternoon, wear in the evening! 

Level: Beginner

Find the full step-by-step sewing tutorial instructions here.

Sweater Color Block Free PDF Pattern 

sweater free sewing pattern PDF

Why we like it: This sweatshirt is really original and can be made with sweatshirt fleece or with fabric scraps you have laying at home. You could use rib knit for the waist band and the cuffs or make it in sweater knit like in the tutorial. Adding the color blocking details to the sweater makes it slightly more difficult because you’ll need to pay attention to the seam allowance you’re adding for each piece. But don’t let that stop you from testing this original sewing tutorial.

Level: Intermediate

Learn how to make this pattern in sweater knit fabric

Pencil Skirt Free Pattern

Pencil skirt free sewing pattern

Why we like it: Pencil skirts are easy to make, easy to wear and flattering on any body type. On top of that they’re comfortable too! In the winter you can wear them with leggings, in the summer directly on your skin. You could even make this skirt from some leftover fabric scrap as it takes very little fabric to sew a pencil skirt.

Level: Beginner

Check out the sewing pattern and sewing tutorial here.

Cross-waist Leggings

Cross waist leggings free sewing pattern

Why we like it: Cross-waist leggings are hot and for good reason… Because of the way the waist line is designed, they sit higher on your hips which makes them stay there much better! No more tugging up your leggings during yoga or running. 

For this pattern, download the basic legging pattern first and follow those instructions, then follow the instructions to change the waistband. 

Level: Beginner

Download the free cross-waist leggings pattern here

Bralette Free PDF Sewing Pattern

Bralette free PDF sewing pattern

Why we like it: This pattern is beautiful in stretchy lace for lingerie, but change the fabric to a spandex and you can use it for a bikini model too! Now, this model is without a doubt the most difficult pattern of this roundup! You’ll need more supplies (bra hooks, sliders and rings,…) But I think it’s totally worth the effort! If you have trouble finding these supplies, head over to a second hand store and buy an old bra in the color you need.

Download the pdf sewing pattern for the bralette here

This rounds up our free sewing patterns for knit fabrics! But maybe you’re still on the fence about sewing stretch fabric? Then keep on reading because you’ll learn some quick tips and tricks to make your first jersey knit project a success! 

How to Sew Knitted Fabric?

Many people will shy away from sewing stretchy fabric because they believe it’s too complicated. I can assure you, it is not! All you need is the right tools.  

Sewing Knit Fabric on a Normal Sewing Machine

In order to easily sew stretchy knit fabrics on your normal sewing machine you’ll need: 

  • A jersey needle or stretch needle: These needles have a rounded point which will avoid damaging the knit fabric. It will go in-between the fiber rather than through it which will avoid getting holes.
  • A twin needle: To finish the edge of your knit garments without using a special machine, you can use a twin needle. It’s not 100% necessary but it will definitely give a more finished look. Twin needles allow you to have 2 stitches on the front of the fabric and a zig-zag stitch on the back of the fabric. You’ll want to position your needle in such a way that the edge of your fabric is between the 2 needles. That way the fabric edge is finished and can’t unravel anymore.

On top of these 2 special needles, you’ll also want to adjust the stitch you’re using for your seams. 

Normally, you’d use a straight stitch for things like your side seems but when sewing knits, this is a bad idea. 

You want the fabric to stay stretchy so you’d need to use a special stitch that will also remain stretchy. If not your stitch will break as soon as you try to put on your garment (or you might not even be able to fit into your clothes).

Many machines will allow you to use a “jersey stitch” or a “stretch stitch” this stitch looks a bit like a lightning bolt. But in case your machine does not have this option, you can simply use a wide zig-zag.

Sewing Knitted Fabric on a Serger

Of course, if you have a serger, sewing knitted fabrics becomes a dream. 
A serger will cut and finish the edges of the knitted fabric in one go. If you’re planning on sewing stretchy knit fabrics on a regular basis, I would highly recommend you invest in a serger. 

With these simple tips you should be sewing knitted fabric in no time! Good luck.

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