Fresh Patterns For Your Next Project


Knitting may seem intimidating if you are a beginner and never tried any knitting project before however several simple patterns are perfect to begin your knitting journey without complication. A little practice makes you perfect and further you can carry on with advanced knitting projects.

Beginner’s Bulky Scarf

Beginner's Bulky Scarf
Beginner’s Bulky Scarf

The three steps project involves cast on, knit stitch, and cast off makes a sweet and beautiful bulky scarf in a couple of hours. Get ready to call yourself a knitter.

Foldover Garter Stitch Slippers

This simple slipper has a unique shape. Know the size and knit it with your favorite stitch.

Lansing Stashbuster Infinity Scarf & Cowl

A scarf is essential when the weather outside is chilly. Infinity scarf is easy to make as it is impossible to go wrong.

Little Women-Inspired Neck Kerchief

This handmade beautiful scarf goes well with every outfit. You can make it for your loved ones.

Colorful Sunbeams Blanket

A colorful and amazing blanket is made of hexagons. It is delicate and soft to touch. You can make this for adults as well as children.

Still River Baby Blanket

When a newborn baby is on the way, you can make this lovely Still river blanket. It is comfortable and cozy.

Charming Rustic Cushion Cover

The beautiful cushion cover is incredibly easy and looks nice in every setting. Beginner knitters appreciate its simplicity.

Stormy Weather Blanket

A simple afghan or stormy weather blanket is all you need for cozy winter days. Knit this lovely pattern with a simple garter stitch and it will be ready in no time.

Dlindgwend Petit Sac

A pouch with lacy lattice stitch looks amazing. The stitch enhances style and delicacy.

Summer Sun Shawl

A lace shawl is perfect for novices as it is easy. Beads can give it a beautiful appearance and you can knit it with any type of yarn.