Granny Square Bags Inspiration

by Hanne // updated on: April 15, 2024

If you love to crochet but you need some help finding the right projects, this granny square bags inspiration post is for you!

Does this sound familiar: You know how to crochet and you don’t necessarily need a step by step pattern or instruction to create something but you’re also no designer so coming up with a cool project is not your forte?

This is me in a nutshell, when I see some crochet item, I can usually figure out pretty easily how to make it (and I actually really enjoy doing that) but I also don’t want to bluntly copy other creators…

So I decided to test AI image generation to see if I could find inspiration.

AI As Crochet Designer?

Yes, the following photos are ALL AI generated…

And before you scroll away disgusted because AI is taking over the world or start arguing that AI can never replace human designers, let me tell you how I intend to use the AI images.

  1. Color inspiration: some of the generated pictures have a really nice color scheme that you could easily copy.
  2. Concept inspiration: things like having one big square and little ones around or the way a handle is made or…
  3. Granny square inspiration: Looking over some of the pictures, you can find original squares and search for or create a pattern that’s close to the AI look.

So let’s have a look at the photos!

Tote Bag With 6 Granny Squares

6 granny squares bag
6 granny squares bag

What We Like

The fun color scheme is one to steal for our next granny square bag design, we also like the white stitches in between the granny squares and the creamy white border and handles.

It’s easy enough to imagine making 6 (or 12) granny squares and putting them together to obtain this design.

Mini Granny Squares Bag

mini granny square bag
mini granny square bag

What We Like

We really liked the idea of using mini granny squares for a bag. The natural color palette is also very attractive.

The idea of having another row of tiny granny squares on the side is also something we’ll keep in mind.

The One Square Bag

What We Like

This is a very fun bag, easy to make with just one square and becomes impressive by using variegated yarn.

The mini granny squares on the side are also a nice touch as well as the leather straps and accessories.

The Hexagon Granny Bag

hexagon granny square bag
hexagon granny square bag

What We Like

This is not your typical granny square design but rather a hexagon version.

If you like this pattern, you can check out the hexagon blanket tutorial to learn how to make it!

Even though I know how to make a hexagon, I had never thought of putting them together as a bag so this is a really nice idea.

Granny Square Messenger Bag

granny square messenger bag
granny square messenger bag

What We Like

The shape of the bag is quite original, the colors work really well and the leather accessories make this a very attractive bag.

We also like the idea of using a zipper.
If you want to learn how to add a zipper to your crochet projects without sewing, check out this crochet granny square pouch tutorial.

Asymmetric Granny Square Bag

What We Like

The idea of not putting the granny squares on top of each other but to shift the second row to create a more interesting visual.

Pastel Tote Bag With Drawstring

This color combination is really cute. We also like the idea of using a drawstring on the top of the bag.

Flower Granny Tote Bag

This is definetely a bit of a different granny square it has a sort of flower in the center.

The Sunflower sunburst granny square from our list of unusual granny squares would be a great fit!

Did You Like These Granny Square Bags Inspiration Photos?

AI is far from replacing real designers, and you’d need to have the knowledge to actually create these bags. But I for one felt really inspired seeing the different options and it got me started on a new granny square bag!

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