How to Crochet a Heart

Crochet Patterns

This step-by-step guide shows you exactly how to create a perfect crochet heart.

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Whether you’re a knitting master, or you simply want to up your crochet skills, look no further than this fun craft idea. Crocheting a heart is the perfect way to challenge yourself, or make a great gift for someone! Family and friends alike would love this personalized, handmade gift. Depending on the size of said heart, you could have a new accessory or decoration. No matter the use or design, see how to make one below!

Steps to Crochet a Heart for Free

The first thing you will want to know how to do is make a “magic ring.”

crochet magic ring
Credit: Rhona Reynolds

Make a Magic Ring

To make a magic ring, you put the yarn behind your hand and loop it around the front. Then pull it up and wrap it around your two fingers, and let the working yarn drop behind your hand.

Then you’ll want to insert a hook (like this one) under the loop you created around your fingers to pull up a loop from the working yarn.

Chain 3 Pattern

Chain 3 Pattern Crochet

To get started with the pattern, you will want to begin by chain 3, and then you will want to create a triple crochet, which is yarning over twice, pulling the loop, yarn over, pull through two loops, yarn over, pull through two more loops, yarn over, and pull through two more loops.

So far, the pattern is 3 chains, as well as 3 triple crochets. After that, you will want to create 3 double crochets. This is why the ring is so important, because every stitch goes right into that ring. When you’ve finished with the double crochets, you should have finished one side of the heart.

The Pointed Tip of the Crochet Heart

The next step will be to create the pointed tip of the heart, which involves doing one triple crochet. To craft the other side of the heart, you are essentially doing the same steps, just opposite of each other. You will want to first start off by doing 3 double crochets, followed by 3 triple crochets. You will then finish the heart completely with another chain 3.

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Watch How to Crochet a Heart


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