How to Crochet a Lace Table Runner

by Kari // updated on: March 16, 2020

Lace Table Runner

Special occasions, or even the everyday dinner could use a dazzling centerpiece that is sure to wow the guests that see it. One such option that is a great foundation to the rest of your tabletop decor is a table runner. But don’t just settle for a basic one – jazz it up with lace! We’ve got an easy to follow step-by-step guide for you below, so follow along to learn how to crochet a lace table runner.

First, Here are the Materials You’ll Need:

Yarn Needle
Crochet Hook
Pair of Scissors/Shears

Now, How to Crochet Your Table Runner:

You will first want to build your foundation, which sounds exactly as it is – a base for the rest of your stitches to lay on. You will first begin with a basic slip knot, which literally means creating a knot for your crochet hook to slip through.

Then you can begin to create your chain. In the video below, she uses 31 chains. Once you’ve created your chains, you’ll want to find the 8th chain to begin to create an extended V-stitch. That type of stitch involves doing a double crochet, chain 3, and then double crochet again into the same chain. In between every extended V-stitch, you’ll want to be sure you create a spacer (use a basic chain for this).

Continue a few more paces down your original chain, then create another extended V-stitch. You will then want to create another spacer. Continue down the line, and you should end up with 5 extended V-stitches for your base row.

Now, for every even row (2, 4, 6, 8, etc.) you will want to begin with a chain 3. Then, you will work 7 double crochets into each extended V-stitch. You should end up with something that looks like this:

See how the white yarn filled in those spaces on top? That’s why you crocheted into each extended V-stitch. Now that you’ve completed the second row, it’s time for Row 3. Every odd row from here on out will begin with a chain 4.

Then, in the middle of each “fan” (filled in yarn section in Row 2), you will want to begin another extended V-stitch. You can see what it should look like below:

Once you finish each row, you should be left with a pretty lace-like design. If you use white, you get that extra elegant vibe; but truly, any color will add a splash of fun to your typical table.

Check out the whole video tutorial below:

Hopefully this how-to helps you know what steps to take to create your own lace table runner. If you want more ideas on crocheted table runners, check out our other article here.


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