How to Fix a Dropped Purl Stitch?

Knitting Stitching

Working on a knitting project is exciting as you wait to see the outcome of your hard work.  But it becomes frustrating when seeing a stitch drop that creates a significant gap in knitting. Do not worry when this happens because fixing a dropped purl stitch is easy than you think. As soon as you see a stitch drop immediately grab a crochet hook and work on the purl stitch. If you have intermediate knitting skills then it is going to be a simple task.


  • Two knitting needles
  • One crochet hook


Grab the Dropped Stitch

Hook the loop of the dropped stitch using your fingers, the purl side should be facing you. Loop may be closer to the top or runs down many rows. In both ways, it helps pull the loop up. Insert a crochet hook from back to front through the loop.

Catching the first Cross Strand

Catch horizontal yarn strand using the crochet hook that is above the stitch on the crochet hook.

The hook should face up as you loop the cross strand making it simple to rescue the dropped stitch


Strand Pulling Through the Loop

Through the loop of the dropped stitch, pull the cross-strand. The first loop should drop off at the crochet hook end. It will leave the cross strand as the new loop.

While pulling the strand through the loop you need to hold the hook with the other hand. Ensure the correct loop is on the hook because the yarn may push and pull while doing this task

Work the Stitch to the Top

Until you reach the top you must repeat the process of catching a horizontal strand and pull it through the current loop

Placing the Stitch on the Needle

Using the crochet hook you can place the loop on the left needle

Make sure that the stitch is facing the right direction when you slide the stitch onto the needle

Continue Purling

Continue purling with purl stitch back in place across the remaining row.

Now your task is completed and nobody can notice that once there was a dropped stitch.