How to Get Rid of Yarn?

How to Get Rid of Yarn

Knitting beautiful sweaters are fun but the most difficult thing is to get rid of yarn. Your yarn collection is one of your favorite treasures and you must have spent a good amount on this. It needs lots of patience to give away yarn but luckily several options will give you some money back.

Sell Your Yarn

You can sell some of your yarn stashes so that other knitters can buy according to their need. Some of the appropriate places to begin include Craigslist, eBay, and Etsy. You have to pay fees on eBay and Etsy. Take this into account while charging.

You can also look forward to groups that swap and sell yarns. Some of the groups on Ravelry are Swap, for Sale, and Yarn Sale. Here you can also sell books, needles, and other supplies too. These groups are a good choice when you want to destash everything related to knitting. The other easy way is to add a section on Ravelry’s stash section for things you want to trade or sell.

Yarn Sale is also a good option but you have to compromise with the cost you want. You may not get a good price on sale but it is one of the best ways to get rid of yarn and making some money in the process. 


Some people do not want to deal with the process of selling and this is where they can consider donating the yarn to a charity or other worthy cause. Donating is the quickest way to get rid of yarn. You can donate to the thrift store, Salvation Army, or Goodwill and there are many other options too.

Donating to charities that are internationally located or nearby your home is also a good choice. From these charities, people can take your yarn for the craft.  You can also look for local groups that teach knitting. Some knitting groups also need fiber.

Swapping is Good

Host a yarn swap and try to give your yarn instead of receiving it from the other end. People love to get different color yarns and they will thank you once they get it without any hassle.

If you know any knitting group then you can give away the yarn whenever you want. Yarn stash takes a long time to accumulate but you can give them to others when you want.