Ideas to Quilt For Your Next Project


Adults can have all the fun especially those who are keen to learn new things. Quilting is a relaxing method that expresses creativity and emotions. Beyond that, you will get incredible handmade results for your home.

Nine Patch Quilt Block Tutorial

Follow the instructions carefully and make this easy quilt in no time.

Arrows Aweigh {Boy Quilt}

With this free pattern, you can learn to make this beautiful and quick boy quilt.

Chevron Quilt

This is an extremely beautiful pattern and you will surely dive deep into it. Explore the endless possibilities.

Summertime Herringbone Quilt

This is an amazing pattern for beginner quilters as it is simple. You can sew different parts together.

Peaches & Cream Quilt Tutorial

Follow the tutorial carefully and make this quilt in no time.

Petunia Strings Quilt Tutorial

This quilt is so much fun and exciting depending on the fabrics you use. Use different fabrics to make this quilt and get wonderful results.

Watercolor Quilt

This super easy project will give you a dazzling result in too little effort.

Broken Dishes Baby Quilt

This is a colorful and fun quilt that is easy to sew up and adapt to your color preferences.

A Wedding Quilt

A wedding quilt can be a perfect gift for a new bride. Make this beautiful handmade gift and give it to your dear ones.

The Easiest Quilt in the World

No joke this is the easiest quilt in the world. When you follow the instructions step by step then it will take only two hours to complete.