Jelly Roll Quilt 4

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: July 3, 2021

Give stunning look to your home with different Jelly Roll quilts. We have compiled different colorful Jelly roll patterns so you can cuddle under any of these quilting patterns. You can make it for Christmas or the holiday. Select the Jelly roll according to the theme and you are all set to brighten up your room.

Simple Jelly Roll Quilting Pattern

Jelly Roll Quilt Sew End to End
Simple Jelly Roll Quilting Pattern

This simple quilt is a charming and simple way to decorate your home. It can be completed in few hours.

Garden Girl Jelly Roll Quilt

Use a colorful jelly roll for this quilt. You will love the fresh fun look of this quilt.

Jelly Roll Baby Quilt Tutorial

Follow the steps carefully to know the pattern. It takes a couple of days to complete.

Batik Stained Glass Jelly Roll Quilt

Play with different fabrics in your stash and get a wonderful result in no time.

Jelly Roll Quilt: Sparkling Gemstones Pattern

The beautiful sparkling gemstones are eye-catching and super fast pattern. This is a perfect activity for the holiday season.

Honeycomb Hexagon Jelly Roll Quilt

The neutral-colored large hexagons are good to go for jelly quilt patterns. It is a perfect idea to make a large jelly roll quilt.

Jelly Roll Heart Quilt Pattern

Apple Jack Jam Jelly Roll Quilt
Jelly Roll Heart Quilt Pattern

This cheery bright quilt is an easy project that you can complete in few hours.

Jelly Roll Jam Quilt Pattern

Choose a bright jelly roll pattern to make this quilt. You will love to make this project.

Jelly Roll King Quilt

This king jelly roll quilt is a perfect way to showcase your creativity.

Jelly Roll Quilt Log Cabin

You will love the simple and sweet design of this jelly roll quilt.

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