Lace Knitting Patterns

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: July 3, 2021

Lace knitting patterns may look complex to beginners because of minute holes and shape patterns however, it is not like that. Lace fabrics are made simply by increasing and decreasing stitches. Knitting lace sounds tough if you are new to but you should research this to find the truth. Lace knitting patterns are simple no matter how much experience you are. We have compiled some of the best lace knitting patterns so you can pick the one and create a beautiful handmade accessory.

Lace-Sleeved Sweater

The pattern is the same for both sweaters but the long sleeve sweater is knitted using worsted wool while the short sleeves for summer are knitted using worsted cotton.  

Lacy Cable Sock Pattern

A lace sock with mirror cable running down the center back and front of the sock looks interesting. This is a perfect weekend project.

Pullover Pattern with Lace Panels

The long sleeves lace panel sweater is lovely. You can easily complete this project in a couple of days. Pair it with jeans or skinny pants for a perfect look.    

Modern Lace Shawl Pattern

The combination of simple stitches makes it fun to knit. This eye-catching shawl has a lovely finished look.

Simple Lace Baby Onesie Knitting Pattern

This summer dress is perfect to wear over a long or short T-shirt. It is quick and simple to knit that you can complete in a couple of days.

Lacy Cardigan and Matching Cowl

You will love this pattern of full lace cardigan and a matching cowl. This trendy pair is very simple to create. 

Teardrop Lace Triangle Shawl Pattern

The fabulous pattern of top-down triangle shawl is finished with a striking teardrop fringe. This pattern is made to be adaptable so you can use any yarn and hook size.

Textured Lace and Cable Blanket

Wrap this highly textured blanket in winter and feel the warmth. You can make this blanket using bulky or worsted yarn.  

Cropped Lace Cardigan Knitting Pattern

This is a perfect addition to the outfit. It makes use of a lacy ribbing stitch that is perfect for intermediate-level patterns and creates great visual interest.

Retro Lace Knit Blanket Pattern

These two vintage afghans look beautiful in fall colors. The knitted lace stitch and chevron crocheted patterns are great for a picnic.

Delicate Lace Scarf Pattern

This cobwebby beautiful scarf is delicate and knitted using alpaca-mix lace yarn. The lace pattern in the scarf body and edging adds to the beauty.

Dressed-Up Lace Shawl Pattern

Dressed-Up Lace Shawl Pattern
Dressed-Up Lace Shawl Pattern

This is a super simple project but looks complicated. You can use any light or worsted weight yarn to make it. The pattern utilizes basic knit stitches so it is perfect for beginners too.

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