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by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: July 3, 2021

We know needles are used for knitting and loom for weaving but what about knitting with a loom? Yes, it is not impossible as you can easily knit using a loom. This is a fun and quick way to knit different patterns.

Loom knitting is a fun way to keep your kids busy on holidays. They can make beautiful crafts using loom knitting. The steps are simple and can create traditional designs including cables. Loom knitting is not new as it has been used for hundreds of years. Thus an alternative method of knitting is quick and you can make the project in no time.

Different Types of Knitting Looms

You can find different types of knitting looms in the market and vary in shapes, materials, and sizes. These are also known as a rake, knitting board, or simply loom. Some looms have non-adjustable pegs while some are adjustable and you can set them according to your choice.

The peg spacing and size on knitting looms determine the gauge like the needle thickness determines the gauge or size of knitting. For bulky knitting, larger pegs are spaced farther, and tighter knitting is obtained for thinner pegs.

The number of pegs also makes a difference as each peg holds one stitch. You can use the peg according to the size of the knitted piece you need. Check that you have the right loom for the project because the loom shape and size are important to get the necessary outcome. Also, pay attention to the weight of the yarn.

How does it work?

There are three types of loom knitting:

  • Single knitting that forms a single panel
  • Circular knitting that forms a tube
  • Double knitting that forms the extra thick and reversible fabric

Single knitting does not need any special type of loom. Continuous pegs or ring is necessary for circular knitting. Work forth and back if you are using a round loom to make a flat piece of knitting. Do not go around in a circle for this knitting.

Both circular and single knitting start with an e-wrap cast on. It wraps the yarn around every peg and the wrapping process remains similar for all rows and stitches.

For double knitting, you should use long looms with pegs on double rows. Double knitting begins with an 8 figure cast-on, wrap the yarn back and forth across the rows and continue. By working on one portion of the loom you can do size adjustment in single and double knitting. Circular knitting is harder as it requires even spacing pegs for stitches.

Wrap the yarn once around in all the pegs and then wrap it a second time. Most looms come with a knitting hook to lift the bottom loop of yarn over the peg and leave the top loom in place. Here completes a knit stitch. Lift all the bottom loops over the pegs you can start again and making new stitches.

Different Types of Projects

Loom knitting is useful for making several items that give different look to your home. Scarves, shawls, hats, socks, bags, mittens, toys, and many more items can be made using loom knitting. If you are new to loom knitting then start with an easy project and further work on complicated ones.

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