Macrame Patterns worth Trying

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: February 23, 2023

Today in the world of the internet it has become convenient to learn new macramé patterns easily. Beginners can start learning this skill by knowing about simple knots while complex knots should be learned afterward. There are tons of gorgeous macramé patterns that are a source of inspiration for creative people.

Four of Diamonds Macramé Pattern

The pattern is easy and you can create an amazing wall hanging to add coziness and texture to any home.

Luna Macramé Wall Hanging Pattern

The wall hanging is gorgeous and a perfect addition to your home. You will love it.


The pattern describes underwater sea creatures and coral reefs. It enhances the home appeal.

XL Triangle Macramé Pattern

If you are a beginner to the world of macramé then it will be rewarding enough to create a lovely pattern.

Rose Quartz Macramé Pattern

This easy-to-follow pattern turns out great. You can complete this artwork in a couple of days.

Simple Modern Macramé Pattern

This is a lovely addition to your home interior and also a perfect gift for friends and family. It adds a cozy element to any home.

Beginner Macramé Pattern

This macramé pattern allows you to practice square knots and gives an idea to create different patterns.

Center Diamond Macramé Pattern

The center diamond macramé pattern is great for beginners and it is easy to follow.

Emerald Macramé Pattern

You will love this pattern. The perfect size and color make your living room amazing.

Chevron Macramé Pattern

The pattern is easy to understand and you can add a personalized touch to this pattern and showcase your creativity.

Triangles and Diamonds Macramé Pattern

You will enjoy making this pattern as it is fairly simple and gives great impact in a room.

Square Twist Chevron Macramé Pattern

The handmade plant hangers look amazing. The result is perfect and unique. It can be made in a spiral or square knot.

Minimalist Macramé Pattern

You will love this macramé pattern hanger as it is made beautifully with minimal colors.

Macramé Plant Hanger

With minimal colors, you can create this hanger. It can easily hang in the living room window and looks fantastic.

Free Beginner Macramé Pattern & Tutorial

Follow the tutorial carefully and create this pattern easily.

Free Heart Macramé Patten & Tutorial

The tutorial is easy to follow and you can complete the pattern in no time.

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