Steps to Make a Jelly Roll Rug

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: February 23, 2023

Make a Jelly Roll Rug

Jelly roll rug can be used as table mats or placemats. These are eye-grabbing as they come with a fantastic color combination. There are lots of uses, and the jelly roll rug enhances the look of the room. Here we have compiled various tutorials and details so you can make them easily at your home.

How to Make a Jelly Roll Rug with Ease?

The tutorial will assist you in making the beautiful jelly roll rug in a few hours.

DIY to Make a Jelly Roll Rug

This jelly roll rug is made from cotton fabric. It is versatile with the different color combinations.

Tutorial to Make a Square Jelly Roll Rug

Prepare the lovely jelly roll rug with the help of this tutorial and show off your skills.

Free Pattern to Make a Round Jelly Roll Quilt

The round jelly roll rug enhances the look of a room, and they are easy to make.

How to Convert a Round Jelly Roll Rug Into a Christmas Tree Skirt?

The video gives a clear understanding of making the Christmas tree skirt with a jelly roll rug.

Jelly Roll Rug Turned Placemats DIY

Jelly roll rugs are fun to make. The strips go together easily and quickly.

Instructions to Make a Jelly Roll Rug for a Coffee Mug

Learn to make a perfect jelly roll rug for your coffee time.


Directions to Design a Jelly Roll Rug Pattern with Confetti Ombre Fabric

The confetti ombre fabric gives an alluring look to your jelly roll rug.

Rectangular Jelly Roll Rug Quilt DIY

The rectangular rug, in a combination of white and black, adds grace to any room.

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