More Macrame Ideas To Try This Holiday Season


Macrame is back again as it requires simple materials and is easy to master. Amid the pandemic, people have tried new macramé projects. There are numerous possibilities when it comes to macramé project ideas such as trivets, hangers, and other such DIY home accessories. We have compiled some trendy accessories so you can try these projects in no time.

Bohemian Christmas Ornament

The beautiful boho ornament for Christmas can be used throughout the year as decoration accessory. Its unique design creates the perfect Christmas tree.

Bohemian Mirror Wall Hanging

Mirror wall hanging is made of high quality material and you need to pay attention to every detail of the pattern for an excellent result.

Boho Macrame Wall Hanging

The perfect color makes it mesmerizing. You will be full of joy once completing this project.

Buttoned Cuff Bracelet

Full of color and bold design makes this handcraft unique. The artifact is made of a twisted cotton cord and hand-rolled beads.

DIY Macrame Bracelet

Leaves are constantly changing and they have symbolic meaning. Celebrate your life by making this macramé bracelet.

Dyed Macrame Necklace

Add little boho vibes to your appearance with this beautiful macramé necklace. It looks beautiful around the necklace.

Giant Macrame Rope Light

Create a picture-perfect moment for bedroom, living room, or nursery. The pattern is simple yet made with excellent craftsmanship.

Hemp Bracelet

This macramé bracelet is made with hemp cord and can be made in flat and spiral. It softens over time and the product is durable.

Knotted Trivets

The knotted trivets are perfect way to put those pieces to best use.

Macrame Bookmark

Read in style with this handmade and unique bookmark. It will make your reading experience more beautiful.