17 Owl Crochet Patterns – Easy and Free Patterns

by Hanne // updated on: May 10, 2023

Attention owl lovers, on this page you’ll find a ton of owl crochet patterns to satisfy your need for more owls in your life. 

From owl wall-hangings, to amigurumi owl patterns and even owl crochet bags and hats, we’re sure you’ll find the right owl inspired crochet project you’re looking for! 

We’ve tried to make a selection of different owls and different projects so that you can definitely make more than one. 

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Amigurumi Owl Patterns

Amigurumi is the art of knitting or crocheting stuffed animals. And of course, owls are part of that universe! 

As you’ll see in the upcoming patterns, you can make an owl as easy or complicated as you wish, which means that even beginners will be able to start with an easy owl crochet pattern. 

As long as you know how to hold a crochet hook, make a magic ring, a single crochet and how to increase and decrease in the same stitch, you’re good to go!

Try one of these fun free amigurumi owl crochet patterns as your next crochet project.

1. Day and Night Amigurumi Owl Pattern Free

Day and Night Amigurumi Owl Pattern Free

This free crochet owl pattern is perfect for beginners. The shape of the owl is very simple and worked in single crochet. What makes this couple stand out are the details, the stars for the night owl and the rainbow for the day owl. 

Get the free pattern and video tutorial here

2. Free Plushy Owl Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Free Plushy Owl Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

This crochet amigurumi pattern is a bit more complicated than the one before but don’t let that scare you! The result is absolutely adorable.

By using a velvet yarn, the owl becomes super cuddly. 

Get the free crochet owl pattern here.

3. Colorful Crochet Owl Pattern

Colorful Crochet Owl Pattern

This crochet project is perfect for an owl lover. These crocheted owls stand out because of their bright colors and cute eyes. This is a fairly easy crochet pattern, you just need to get the hang out of using the crocodile stitch.

Download this cute design at no additional cost here.

4. Realistic Owl Crochet Pattern

Realistic Owl Crochet Patterns

His name is Otis and by using a faux-fur yarn and safety eyes, this owl becomes hyper realistic! He almost looks like a stuffed animal!

And you know what, you have the right to sell the finished product you create with this pattern, which makes it the perfect project if you’ve been looking for a cute addition to sell during your next craft market. 

Here’s the free pattern

Beginner Amigurumi Owl Pattern

Beginner Amigurumi Owl Pattern

This is another simple, lovely owl crochet pattern for beginners. By using a 2.5mm hook you’ll get the smaller owl and the 3.5mm hook is used for the bigger one. 

This is one of the free patterns that would make a great gift for a baby shower.
Find the full instructions here.

Baby Owl Beginner Crochet Pattern

Baby Owl Beginner Crochet Pattern

This beautiful pattern is about as easy as they get, but as you can see, that doesn’t make the result less impressive!

When you combine the owl with crocheted balls, you quickly get a super cute baby gift. This crochet project is a great example of why free amigurumi patterns are such a treat when you’re looking for a cute little owl design. Wouldn’t this make such a cute addition to any baby crib?

Discover the beautiful owl pattern here

Plushy Owl Free Crochet Pattern

Plushy Owl Free Crochet Pattern

Another variation on a cute owl plushy pattern is this Bernat Ollie Toy Trio. This owl crochet pattern comes with a detailed description of how to create this beautiful owl.

Find the beautiful pattern here

Free Crochet Owl Patterns: Graduation Owl

Graduation Owl Crochet Pattern

This pattern really stands out because of all the nice details, the crocodile stitch on the body, the hat on the head and the document. It truly creates a unique character. This owl makes the perfect gift for someone who’s graduating! 

Free crochet owl patterns – Graduation Owl

Owl Crochet Patterns for Your Wardrobe

Those amigurumi owls are cute for sure, but sometimes you want to make something different than a toy, right? Have a look at these owl crochet patterns that will fit in your wardrobe.

There’s a crochet owl purse, a crochet owls scarf, owl mittens and more.

All of them come with free crochet patterns!

So pick a free pattern with a cute design gather your crochet hooks and let’s get started.

Owl Scarf Crochet Pattern

Owl Scarf Crochet Pattern

Don’t tell me this scarf isn’t super cute! Adding the two owls at the end gives it just the funny touch it needs while still being super functional and keeping you warm all winter.

Get the free owl scarf pattern here.

Owl Small Bag Free Crochet Pattern

Owl crochet purse free pattern

This one is actually a free follow along video tutorial. Follow along tutorials are ideal if you’re not comfortable reading a crochet pattern but loves to watch someone do it.

Owl Purse Pattern and video tutorial


Owl Shawl Pattern

Owl Shawl Pattern

This owl pattern is a premium pattern, but look at it… Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous and well worth a couple of $$?

Find the premium pattern here

Owl Mitten Free Crochet Pattern

Owl Mitten Free Crochet Pattern

You think mittens are hard to make? Think again. These mittens are a simple rectangle sewn together. The crochet owl applique on top is what makes them super cute and look like owls.

Find the free owl mittens pattern and tutorial here.

Woodland Owl Crochet Hat

Woodland Owl Crochet Hat

If you’ve seen my post on funny hat crochet patterns, you’ll know I like a cute animal hat. This owl hat is no exception.

This beautiful hat is made for a toddler (1-3 yrs). Isn’t it adorable? Using the rib stitch with front post double crochets and back post double crochets and simple half double crochets, you’ll easily make this hat in no time! 

Get the tutorial and free pattern here.

Owl Backpack Crochet Pattern

Owl Backpack Crochet Pattern

I’m not going to lie, you’ll need A LOT of yarn to make this backpack as it is completely made in the crocodile stitch. But isn’t it absolutely adorable?!

On top of that, the crocodile stitch is actually a really fun stitch once you get the hang of it. And because this stitch is so impressive, the pattern is actually really easy!

Find this beautiful pattern here.

Crochet Owl Home Décor

So we covered the need of yet another owl toy AND we looked at how to bring more owls into your wardrobe. But what about your environment?

If you’re looking to add some extra owls in your house, the following patterns are exactly what you’re looking for. 

We found some really cool owl patterns to spruce up your home décor.

Owl Crochet Wall Hanging

Owl Crochet Wall Hanging

I don’t know about you, but when I think about a wall hanging, I usually think about macramé wall-hangings. But then I found this super cute crochet owl wall hanging and thought it would be a super fun project!

This one is a full video tutorial on how to make this exact owl.

Crochet Owl Basket

Crochet Owl Basket

If you’re looking for a more understated owl, this is the project you’re looking for. This basket is adorable AND easy to make! The basket is worked in a spiral and so are the eyes so no need to join any ends. 

By using half double crochets the project will quickly get made!

Find the pattern here

Owl Granny Squares for a full Owl Blanket

Owl Granny Squares for a full Owl Blanket

Maybe this one should have made it in our list of unusual granny squares… This owl granny square would make for an adorable owl blanket.

Owl granny square pattern and tutorial.

Hexagon Owl Crochet Blanket

Hexagon Owl Crochet Blanket

A simple yet impressive blanket. Simple because all you have to master is how to make a hexagon. The rest of the work is done by putting the right colors next to each other! This is the perfect crochet project to do in front of Netflix. While it will take some time to finish the whole blanket, finishing each hexagon is super fun and satisfying.

Learn how to crochet the hexagon owl blanket.

Now it’s your turn! What do you think? Will you make one of these cute owl patterns for the next baby shower, birthday or simply for yourself? With these free patterns you’ll be sure to get a great result.

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