16 Best Painted Jean Pockets

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: August 20, 2020

Springs are the time for hugs, hues, and creativity, and the best way to celebrate this beautiful span of the year is by painting the back pockets of jean shorts or jeans.
Customizing the jeans is fun, and it involves the promising trends that can instantly transform your jeans within some time. The painted pockets of your jeans will change the look of your attire that you will love for sure.

Painted Jeans Pocket in White

Make your boring jeans look amazing with this unique design on the jeans pocket. This is the time to bring out your inner artist.

Hand Painted Jean Pocket

The beautiful sky and blooming sunflower look lovely on the back pocket of jeans. Use your imagination and paint the jeans with colors.

Jean Back Pocket Painting

This hand-painted back pocket looks terrific. Art lovers will love these vintage and stylish jeans.

Cool Jeans Painted Pocket

Create a cheetah detail print, and you are going to love the jeans forever. Pair it with casual shoes and a simple T-shirt.

Charming Jean Pocket Painting Idea

Paint something cute and straightforward with the paintbrush. Try different design patterns on different jeans and enjoy pairing them with different t-shirts

  Cute Jean Pocket Painting

The tubular print on the back pocket looks fantastic. It is so easy to make that little one in your home can try this.

Jean Pocket Painting With Acrylic Paint

Butterflies painted on the back pocket of your jeans look stunning. So get ready to be the show stopper.

Painted Back Pockets on Jeans Shorts

Pick your favorite colors and start painting your favorite cartoon. You will love your jean.

Creative Painted Jean Pocket Idea

Not everyone can understand the value of an expensive art piece on the back pocket. This is gorgeous and fun.

 Painted Jean Pocket DIY

Paint the beautiful scenery on the back pocket with bright colors. Try this mesmerizing design.

Unique Acrylic Painted Jean Pockets

This is an adorable way to impress. The colored flowers make the simple jeans appealing.

Vivid Jeans Painted Pocket

The cute yet straightforward design looks mesmerizing. Take out some time from your routine life and spend little time showcasing your crafting skills.

Jeans Pocket Painting

The bright orange color on the back pocket enhances the overall look of the jeans. Pick the other colors of your choice and paint the pocket.

Jeans with Planet Painted Pocket

Customize your space jean and get ready to delve into the beauty of the solar system.


Kermit Painted Jean Pocket

The hand-painted super cute Kermit painted jean is alluring. Pair it with a bright t-shirt and sneakers for an impressive look.

Painting on Jeans Pockets

Whether you know painting or not, this design is simple to paint, so you can choose different colors to make your jeans beautiful.

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