Pinwheel Quilt

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: July 3, 2021

When it comes to creating a new pattern your quilting basics come in handy. Here we have compiled some of the best pinwheel quilt patterns that you can use in different ways such as designing a new table runner, pillows, etc. Pinwheel quilt patterns are adequate for all seasons and easy to put together. Make your holidays productive with any of these patterns given below.

Pinwheel Block Making Tutorial

The tutorial will make your task easy and you can follow the instructions to get the best result.

Pinwheel Quilt Pattern Free

Pinwheel pattern is popular among quilters for centuries. The design is similar to windmills that make the pinwheel pattern so famous.

Easy Pinwheel Quilting Pattern

Get the scraps from your old quilts and cut the half-square triangles to get the festive pattern in no time.

Pinwheel Star Block Tutorial

The tutorial will help you understand the requirements and procedure of making pinwheel star block.

Instructions to Make an Easy Pinwheel Quilt

Follow the instructions carefully to make an easy pinwheel pattern quilt.

Scrappy Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

The color contrast is amazing and increases the beauty of the pinwheel pattern. You can use this pattern to make a graceful table runner.

3D Pinwheel Quilt Tablerunner Tutorial

Get expertise with this tutorial and create a fantastic pinwheel pattern in no time.

Easy Template Pattern for Making Pinwheel Quilt

Make your dream come true with this mesmerizing pattern. The quilt will add a different dimension to your room.

Pinwheel Quilt Coasters Design

These beautiful coasters will become the favorite of your family. You can use leftover fabrics in this project.

Free Patterns for Designing a Patchwork Quilt Block

This is the perfect pattern for adult quilts. It uses simple stitches while sewing fabrics.

Disappearing Pinwheel Quilt Free Pattern

Give different look to your quilt with this handcrafted pattern and get the alluring end product.

Prairie Point Folded Pinwheel Quilt

Pick your favorite leftover fabrics and create the pinwheel pattern to make a beautiful quilt. There are endless possibilities.

Wonky Pinwheel Pattern: DIY

This is one of the nice options to start a new project. The contrasting color shades give a perfect look.

Vintage Modern Pinwheel Jelly Roll Quilt

The distinct texture of the quilt is eye-catching. Use different colors with contrast backgrounds to get the perfect result.

Pinwheel Tessellation Quilt Pattern

The pattern may look different but it is easy to make. Begin with a pinwheel pattern and arrange it in a particular fashion for the desired outcome.

Pinwheel Tessellation Quilt Pattern

This project is a simple and fun way to quench your creative thirst. It is perfect for beginners too.

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