Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt Patterns

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: July 3, 2021

Christmas tree skirts are used to hide huge tree stands. There are so many difficult patterns that include sewing and hemming but we have compiled the best and easy Christmas tree skirt patterns that you can make in a couple of days. The tree skirt helps to give a final touch to the Christmas decoration.

60 Inch Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt

The large green, red, and ivory all around in the Christmas tree skirt make it the perfect option for Christmas decoration.

Handmade Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt Free Pattern

Loaded with gold highlights and beautiful poinsettias this handmade quilted tree skirt is a perfect way to celebrate Christmas. It covers the gifts completely and gives neat look.

Red Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

This time try to decorate your Christmas tree with this lovely skirt. The patchwork makes it interesting.

Starry Quilted Country Christmas Tree Skirt

Get ready for Christmas this year with this Christmas tree skirt and this lovely handcrafted skirt is a perfect option for the festival.

Pattern to Make a Log Cabin Quilted Tree Skirt

The skirt pattern increases the beauty of the Christmas tree and you can treasure it for future generations too.

Log Cabin Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

The pattern gives fantastic look to the Christmas tree and it will be the attraction center of this festive season.

DIY Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt

Create this beautiful project and let your future generations enjoy this too.

Modern Quilted Tree Skirt in Christmas Colors

The mix of several colors adds beauty to the Christmas tree and provides perfect texture.

Quilted Patchwork Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

Proudly showcase your creative skills this Christmas and many more to come.

How to Make a Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt

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