Quilted Handbags 2

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: July 3, 2021

Quilted handbags are quick and incorporate simple sewing techniques. These handmade bags make amazing Christmas presents. You can make quilted bags in different sizes according to your need. This functional accessory is the perfect place to keep your valuable belongings, keys, and phones, etc.

Quilted Diaper Bags

Create this functional beauty using fabrics of your choice and gift this to your quilter friend. This is going to be a most special gift for your friend.

DIY Quilted Denim Handbag

Black and White Quilted Friendship Bag
DIY Quilted Denim Handbag

The denim bag in cream and blue colors features amazing patchwork in a floral pattern, upholstery canvas fabric, and recycled jeans. It uses a magnetic button lock.

Quilted Friendship Bag

The fabrics complemented perfectly with an amazing blend of pastels and brown. Gift it to your best friend and make your friendship strong.

Quilted Grab Bags

For this functional bag, you can use lively bright fabrics. Inside pockets are useful to keep your necessities like phone and keys etc.

Quilted Hobo Handbag

The handbag has enough space for organizing all your gear. Choose fabrics of your choice and make this handy bag.

Trendy Quilted Hipster Handbag

Pack your lunch in this hipster handbag and carry it easily where you want. This is going to save money.

DIY Quilted Designer Handbag

For catering everyday necessities this simple bag has pockets. This helps to keep your belongings safe.

Funky Quilted Ruler Bag

Choose a colorful patterned fabric for this easy to sew project and make this quick project in no time.

Cheery Quilted Tote Bag

Batting and four layers of cotton give a cushy texture and feel. It makes the bag durable too. The cherry print along with the bright green print makes it unique.

White Quilted Flap Handbag

Gift this special bag to your friend at her wedding and make this memorable day more special. She will treasure it for life.

Quilted Pleated Toiletry Handbag Free Pattern

Incorporate bright colors and use accurate measurements for quilting this bag. The result is awesome and you can feel the happiness.

Crazy Quilt Handbag for School

This designer handbag looks wonderful. It is one of the simplest yet beautiful handbags that does not require special skills.

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