Quilted Placemats

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: July 3, 2021

Quilted placemats are one of the best ways to show your amazing fabrics. Make your mornings fresh with colorful quilted placemats. Give your home a beautiful look with quilted placemats. The patterns are easy to make and do not take a long time for their completion. It is a simply stunning way to make your home special.

Quilted Placemat Patterns Pictures

Quilted Placemat Pattern
Quilted Placemat Patterns Pictures

This is a quick quilted project and easy to make. It is a handy handmade gift and caters to the styles from modern to traditional.

Quilted Placemat

This pattern is fun to sew and features bright colors. It gives different look to your kitchen table and a perfect option for a housewarming gift.

Valentine’s Day Quilted Placemat Pattern

Make this valentine special with this quilted placemat and gift it to your loved ones. This is an easy yet wonderful gift.

Round Quilted Placemats

Free Placemat Quilt Pattern
Round Quilted Placemats

Place this charming quilted placement and gather around by friends and family. Mix and match for a fresh look.

Free Pattern for Quilted Placemats

Placemats may not cover your table fully but it gives unique look to the furniture. You can clean it in no time.

Quilted Christmas Placemat

Make this placemat for teacups, snacks, or coffee cups. It is fantastic for enjoying coffee with your friends.

Oval Quilted Placemat

This oval placemat is unique and unusual. Make this for all family members and showcase your talent.

How to Make Quilted Placemats

Solid Color Quilted Placemats

This extraordinary quilted placemat is exclusively fantastic and gives festive vibes in no time. The pattern is simple to stitch and perfect for beginners.

Free Easy Quilted Placemat Pattern

Whether you are a novice or experienced seamstress, this placemat is perfect for you. Gift it to your loved ones or make it for your home.

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