Rag Quilts

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: July 3, 2021

Rag quilting has raw edges because of the cuddly finish and looks beautiful. There are different quilt techniques and exciting ways to use fabrics. It is an old traditional way to give different look to the quilts. We have compiled some of the best rag quilt patterns so you can choose the one of your choices in no time.

Rag Quilt Pictures

Looking for a new baby quilt or lap quilt? Sew this rag quilt in no time as it is a perfect option for the novice quilter.

Rag Quilt

Easy Rag Quilt Pattern for Beginners
Rag Quilt

The cuddly finish of the rag quilt gives fantastic look. It gives a different dimension to your room.

Instructions for Rag Quilt

Follow the instructions carefully to get the desired result.

DIY Rag Quilt

The pattern fits right with your style and décor. It is a comfortable way to enjoy yourself inside your room.

Monster Printed Rag Quilt

Collect different fabric square pieces to make this lovely rag pattern. You can scale it to a different size.

Animal Printed Rag Quilt

The outcome is fantastic and simple to make. You can make this for your kids or dear ones.

Strip Rag Quilt

The project is easy to accomplish and the mixed-up look gives a different dimension to your room.

How to Make a Strip Rag Quilt

Baby Rag Quilt

Make this fantastic baby rag quilt and it is the most preferable gift for your dear ones.

Pink Baby Rag Quilt

Welcome your baby girl with this handmade baby rag quilt. Something special is needed for newborns.

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