Review of Zeny Upgraded Professional 5-in-1 Swing Away Digital Heat Press Machine


The Zeny 5-in-1 12” x 15” multifunctional swing-away digital heat press is one of the most versatile heat printing machines. This multipurpose heat printing machine from Zeny is your best bet if you’re aspiring to start a garment printing business. On the other hand, the Zeny upgraded professional 5-in-1 swivel-type heat press comes in perfectly handy when you’re looking to expand your existing t-shirt printing trade.

If you’re a very fastidious buyer who need compelling reasons to choose the Zeny multifunctional swing-away heat press then you’ll find many. For a start, you can use this brand new 3rd generation multipurpose heat press for heat stamping imprints and impressions on different fabrics like cotton, chemical fibers, and hemp. You can also use this swing-away press for transferring designs, logos, and illustrations on mouse pads, ceramic tiles and plates, glass, mugs, and various other fabrics, thanks to its versatility.

The 12” x 15” heat press heat press comes with five distinct heat press attachments for facilitating hot stamping on miscellaneous fabrics and materials. The improved and upgraded aluminum heat platen ensures high thermostability, eventually facilitating faster and uniform heat transfer throughout the material. The built-in electronic LCD control panel helps in selecting the temperature and time with precision.

The heat platen can be swiveled a full 360° which lets you keep the heating element away from your body, thereby ensuring safe and secure operation. At the same time, the ergonomic design of this swing-away heat press from Zeny enables simple and straightforward operation. To say the last but not the least, the heat press’s components have been constructed from premium grade plastics and metals, making the machine incredibly resilient. 

Top features of the Zeny 12” x 15” multifunctional sublimation swing-away heat press

The 12” x 15” multifunctional swing-away digital sublimation heat printing machine is perfectly suitable for domestic and commercial printing projects. This 360° rotational sublimation heat press comes with numerous integrated features, making it ideal for processing garment printing orders in bulk. Zany’s 12 x 15 inch professional upgraded digital heat press’s USP is its five heat press attachments that allows heat stamping on a variety of materials.

On the other hand, the heat platen which can be turned around 360° lets the user keep it out of the way for safe operation. Another extremely useful feature is the LCD control panel which imparts the machine a high degree of automation or mechanization. The full-range pressure adjustment knob aids in adjusting or programming the pressure in accordance with the material’s thickness.

Crafted out of premium grades of plastic and metal, this sublimation swivel-style heat press is pretty hardwearing and rugged. The heat press’s robust construction guarantees that the unit can deal with rough handling and withstand wear and tear. The dense non-sticking coating on the heat platen prevents different heat transfer materials from scorching or scarring.

The rubberized feet at the base of the heat press lets you install the machine firmly, especially on an uneven surface. Moreover, the intelligent design of this heat printing machine allows you to adjust the platform’s height as per your convenience. Let us explore the top features of this Zeny sublimation swing-away heat press and how the same can benefit the user or printer:-            

  • Full 360° swiveling heat platen –The upper plate or the heat platen can be pivoted in a full 360° arc. This functionality offers the user two distinct benefits; firstly it provides sufficient leeway in setting the t-shirt or ceramic plate for a perfect heat transfer. Secondly the feature allows the printer to keep himself a good distance away from the heat plate, and thus preventing incidences of burn  
  • Five separate heat accessories –This is a 5-in-1 sublimation heat press machine. In other words, the unit comes with the integrated 12” x 15” platen press, two plate press (of 5” and 6” diameter respectively), one mug press, and one cap/hat press.       The incorporated platen comes to your aid when you need to pass on your imprints and representations to t-shirts stitched from natural or artificial fibers.

And when it comes to heat stamping logos, patterns, icons, and images on caps, hats, ceramic mug, plates, and cups, you use the respective attachment supplied with the unit.  

  • Receptive timer –The LCD control panel has a separate LED display that lets you view the time you’ve set for the heat transfer process.  You can set the time in a range of 0-999 seconds.
  • Intuitive indicator alarm –The alarm system beeps audibly to notify you that the heat transfer process is complete.
  • Full-scale pressure adjustment knob –A prominent fully adjustable pressure knob allows you to set the pressure according to the thickness of the material.
  • Extended handle or lever –The arm handle is remarkably long about 24/5” in length that the user can draw down comfortably
  • Form-fitting rubber on handle grip –The heavy-duty rubber grip on the handle lets you hold the lever for hours on end without stressing them out.
  • Transposable and interchangeable bottom plate –The lower plate or platform can be easily detached for installing mug and plate press attachments. The platform remains elevated because of the dual supports, thus providing you greater leverage during work.
  • Fully adjustable rubberized feet –The adjustable and flexible rubberized feet aids in keeping the unit steady on uneven floors or tabletops.
  • CE certified –This Zeny swing-away sublimation heat press is CE certified implying that the products caters to regulatory specifications rendering it safe for use
  • Inbuilt electrical fuse-The inbuilt electrical fuse protects the equipment from short circuitry, voltage surges and drops
  • Height adjustable platform-You can adjust the height of the platform in a range varying from131/2” to 17”


  • Incorporated electrical fuse cuts off power supply during a sudden voltage surge or drop, thereby protecting both the equipment and the user
  • Rotating heat platen offers plenty of latitude to the user for making the most of the heat transfer technology
  • Rubber wrap on the handle ensures firm grip without compromising comfortableness
  • LED indicator and audible alarm notifies the user when the heat transfer process is complete
  • Digital setting of temperature in both Fahrenheit and Centigrade scales (32°F-399°F/0°C-203°C)
  • Crafted from a blend of metal and plastic for long-term use
  • Interchangeable cotton and silicon pad for better customization
  • Non-stick Teflon coating on heat platen prevents scorching of materials and fabrics


  • Does not come with any instructions on how to operate the heat press
  • The heat platen may not heat up uniformly after using for a few months
  • The heat platen could come in contact with the arm of the handle in due course
  • There is no cushion for the hat/cap press which could leave behind press marks


By and large, the Zeny Upgraded Professional 12” x 15” Sublimation Swing-Away Digital Heat Press has everything going for it. Professional printers will love to use this heat press for heat transferring imprints on different types of surfaces, thanks to its versatile features. The machine boasts of a rugged construction that guarantees to keep it functional in the long run.

Additionally, a fully rotating heat platen, LCD control panel, and a full adjustment pressure knob amongst other practical features make this Zeny heat press a good buy.