Reviewing Five Handy Heat Press Machines for Small Businesses


Regardless of whether own a large or a small-scale garment printing business, you might be aware of the indispensability of a heat press machine. The handy heat press machines can be used across-the-board for a wide variety of applications in commercial and domestic settings. The best heat press machines come in perfectly handy for transferring logos, motifs, images, graphics, and designs onto different surfaces.

You can use a heat press for embossing illustrations, emblems, and designs on ceramics, different fabrics, totes, and metallic surfaces. The best heat presses exploit heat transfer technology for passing on your blueprints and designs on various surfaces and materials. A heat press machine can transfer impressions whose quality is not only better than those embossed using other printing techniques but also tend to last longer.

If you’re looking for a good quality heat press for stamping impeccable and eye-catching imprints on mugs, t-shirts, and caps, then go through this review. This review on five handy heat press machines for small businesses with a buyers’ guide will make your shopping process somewhat more comfortable.       

Buying Guide

When it comes to shopping for a heat press that is appropriate for your business, the different types and brands could overwhelm you. And if you’re out shopping for a quality heat press for the first time, then you might be entirely at sea. You are therefore becoming familiar with the machine, including the different types’ available, essential features, and how it will help you to choose the right product.   

What are the different applications of a heat press?

A heat press machine, as the name indicates, makes use of heat and pressure for transferring standardized and customized impressions on various surfaces. These surfaces include ceramics, fabrics like cotton and nylon, metals, and so on. You can use a heat press for embellishing tees, baseball caps,        and totes or carry bags, coffee mugs, bed linens, mouse mats, and much more.

How can you benefit from using a heat press?

In case you’re a first-time shopper, you might be worried whether you’re making the right decision. Be in the know why you should be getting a heat press for your printing business and the machine’s versatility:-

Learning the ropes is simple

Contrary to what you think, learning to make the best possible use of a heat press is remarkably simple. You don’t need to enroll for a coaching course to master using the heat press. All you’ve to do is to go through the instructions outlined in the product manual.

If you continue to operate the heat press as per guidelines outlined in the handbook, you’ll be able to use it like a pro in no time.

Takes up less room

You’ll come across different sizes of heat press machines in the market. If you don’t have sufficient space or if you handle a low volume of orders, you’ll surely find a machine that is compact and lightweight.


A heat press can enable you to transfer graphics on almost any type of surface that is worth printing on. Ceramics, fabrics, metals, paper, and wood-you name it, and the heat press will pass on the print you have in mind.

You can recoup your investments eventually

You’ll be able to process all your clientele’s orders deftly using a heat press without compromising on the quality front. You bet you can earn higher revenues and develop your t-shirt printing business provided you use a quality heat press.


The different heat press machine brands command a wide range of prices-some models that are expensive while quite a few are pocket-friendly.

You’ll find a machine that perfectly fits your need

Heat press machines, by and large, is of three types; draw-style, clamshell heat-press, and swing-away heat press. Undoubtedly, one of these types of heat press machines will be compatible with your needs and preferences.

Considerations for buying a heat press for your small-scale business


Heat press machines are available in the market in a wide variety of sizes. However, the exact size you require will depend upon open space, your work volume, and your budget, amongst other factors.


Make sure you choose a product that has been constructed from hard-wearing materials so that it can withstand high temperatures.

Adjustable pressure knob

Your t-shirts have stitched out of different kinds of fabrics, including cotton, nylon, and polyester. You’ll have to transfer imprints on these fabric types using a distinct level of temperature and pressure for each. Therefore, you’d a heat press machine that comes equipped with a full-range adjustable pressure knob.

Time and temperature control range

Most of the heat press machines available nowadays feature electronic or digital temperature and time controls.

Heat platen

The heat platen is the most critical component of a heat press. It is the heat platen that transfers images and illustrations onto different surfaces. Ensure that the heat platen is made of sturdy metal and has a silicone pad or Teflon coating for preventing singeing.

Warranty and customer support

All reputed manufacturers offer at least a one-year limited warranty. On the other hand, heat press producers provide excellent customer service essential for responding to customers’ queries and resolving their issues.

Five Handy Heat Press Machines for Small Businesses

F2C 15″ x 15″ Black Heat Press Machine

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If you want to process and deliver printing orders strictly as per your customers’ specifications, then go for the F2C 15″ x 15″ heat press. With this black heat press, you can transfer standard and personalized designs and illustrations on metal plates, ceramic surfaces, mouse mats, t-shirts, bedcovers, metal plates, and much more. The full-range adjustable pressure knob can be tuned optimally for selecting your preferred pressure setting.

The LCD digital control panel displays the appropriate time and temperature you have selected for transferring imprints onto a surface. The signal indicator light glows when the transfer process is complete. The built-in electric control system comes in handy for making easy adjustments and maintenance.

You’ll find using this F2C heat press machine remarkably simple even if you’re a novice user provided you follow the instructions. The durable and resilient aluminum heat platen is guaranteed to remain functional for the long-term.


  • Gross Power Rating: 1200W
  • Voltage: 110V/60Hz
  • CE certified
  • Time range: 0~9999 seconds
  • Temperature range: 0°~200°C


  • Heat platen delivers or transfers heat consistently throughout the surface
  • Silicon can withstand 250°C without any degradation
  • Full time and temperature selection range suitable for a variety of surfaces
  • Large 38 cm x 38 cm printing area
  • Clamshell opening system for the convenience of operation


  • Not as safe and efficient as a rotary-style heat press
  • The temperature control always shows temperature 25-100 degrees higher than actual platen temperature
  • The platen does not heat up consistently

ePhotoInc New 15″ x 15″ T-Shirt Heat Press Machine

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The New ePhotoInc 15″ x 15″ T-shirt Heat Press Machine facilitates an easy and quick transfer of illustrations on almost any type of flat surface. You can pass on graphics and designs on t-shirts, golf caps, ceramic mugs, jigsaw puzzles, garments, plates, and tote bags. This heat press from ePhotoInc is delivered to your address fully assembled, enabling you to use it right out of the box.

The t-shirt heat press is integrated into the state-of-the-art digital LED time and a temperature display controller. Pressure knob mounted on the top enables effortless access to the same for correctly adjusting the pressure as per the material’s thickness. The Teflon-coated platen relieves you from the need to buy a silicone sheet separately and also checks to singe of transfers.


  • Printing area: 15′ x 15.”
  • Time range: 0~999 seconds
  • Temperature range: 0~500°F
  • Platen silicone padding can withstand up to 500°F without any deformation
  • Delivered in a fully-assembled state


  • Useful for transferring graphics on different flat surfaces
  • The timer beeps audibly when 0°is reached thus preventing overheating
  • Durable construction
  • Advanced LED temp and time display controls


  • The platen does not heat up uniformly
  • You may have to struggle to pull up the release handle
  • The release handle sometimes become too hot for your comfort

Cricut Easy Press Mini-Heat Press Machine for T-Shirts

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The Cricut Easy Press Mini-Heat Press Machine for T-shirts might be small and compact but capable of packing a punch. This little heat press from Cricut comes equipped with three distinct heat settings for transferring graphics on shoes, caps, and even stuffed toys. Infusible-ink heat transfers emboss your prints, illustrations, representations, images, logos, and designs on materials permanently.

Pressing between seams with precise tip and buttons is a breeze, and this heat-press, which sits on a safety base, is safe to work with. This heat press comes with a built-in handle for a comfortable grip and accurate transfers.


  • Auto shutoff
  • Insulated safety base
  • Three heat settings
  • Heat plate coated with ceramic
  • Perfect customization of unconventional print projects


  • Ceramic coated plate for edge-to-edge heating
  • The compact and lightweight design takes up minimal space
  • Ideal for customizing personal items like shoes, handkerchiefs, and bandannas
  • Incredibly easy to operate


  • This heat press is not significant and handy enough even for small-scale printing projects

Mophorn 5-in-1 15″ x 15″ Swing-Away Heat Press Machine

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You’ll simply love to use the Mophorn 5-in-1 Swing-Away Heat Press Machine, thanks to its supreme versatility. This swing-away sublimation heat press from Mophorn comes with all the essential attachments for transferring imprints onto mousepads, ceramic tiles and plates, garments, and various other materials and fabrics. The heat platen is layered with Teflon for checking to scorch of printing surfaces and has heating coils throughout for uniform heat distribution.

This swing-away heat press comes with five media, including the platen press, one press each for printing on hats and mugs, and two plate presses.


  • Digital (LED) display
  • 360° rotating swing-away arm
  • Across-the-board applications
  • Includes full set of accessories
  • Fully adjustable spring and pressure-plate system


  • Highest temperature setting range: 200°F-450°F
  • Timer setting range: 0-999 seconds
  • Heat transfers onto a variety of surfaces and materials
  • Precision digital controls


  • Instructions for operating the machine might confuse the beginner
  • Contrary to the manufacturer’s claims, this machine does not heat surfaces evenly

Super Deal Pro 12″ x 10″ Digital Swing-Away Heat Press Machine

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If you’re a small workspace and process printing orders on a small-scale, then buy the Super Deal Swing-Away Heat Press.  The heat press machine is very compact and lightweight, which makes it ideal for use in commercial settings with limited room. Some of the most useful features that come to your aid include a 360° rotating arm, full-range pressure adjustment knob, digital temperature, and time controls. 


  • Teflon coated heat platen
  • Digital LCD time and temperature controls
  • Swing-away profile occupies less space
  • Across-the-board applications of images, numbers, and letters


  • Compact and lightweight profile
  • Works on nearly any type of flat surface
  • Robust welded steel framework boosts the machine’s longevity
  • Operating the machine is pretty simple, even for a beginner


  • Many users have reported that the instruction texts’ characters    are quite small
  • The quality of the silicone padding is not up to the mark


After going through this five handy heat press machine review, you’ll surely have a fair idea about how to use the heat press to your advantage. At the same time, you’ll feel more confident shopping for a suitable heat press as you’ll know its essential features. All the five heat presses reviewed in this article, starting from F2C through to Super Deal, are perfect for small businesses.

To say the last but not the least, always remember to go through the manufacturer’s instructions before you start using the heat press.