Reviewing the five best heat press machines


You have a small garment manufacturing business, and you’re looking to expand as you are more orders on an everyday basis. However, your set-up is proving inadequate to deal with the growing volume of business, and you desperately want to upgrade the same. One improvement you might want to make on an urgent basis is replacing your old embossing machine with a brand new heat press machine.

The bestheat press machines not only let you emboss or print the exact designs your customers want but also in high volume, and rapidly. You can bet that you can customize print designs and fine-tune them with the help of a heat press machine. However, you may not have any idea which heat press machine would suit your needs and preference, mainly if you’ve never used one.

The sheer variety of brands and the different types of heat press machines available makes the task of choosing the right type quite challenging. This review on the five best heat press machines will come in perfectly handy in helping you to choose the right product.   

Buying Guide

A heat press machine is a heavy-duty embossing machine that makes use of heat and pressure for stamping designs on surfaces. This particular embossing machine can imprint all and any type of design comprising images, texts, and numbers onto different surfaces. Though most of the tools are designed to work with flat or level surfaces, a few models come with warped reinforcements to transfer imprints onto curved surfaces.

The critical component of a heat press machine is the platen- an utterly flat plate-usually made of aluminum. The platen is digitally heated for ensuring quick and uniform heat transfer onto a variety of materials, including a t-shirt, cap, or tote.

Benefits you can reap from using a heat press machine

  • This embossing machine is convenient to use as it comes assembled and includes a manual that has detailed instructions
  • As the machine optimally uses pressure and heat for passing on imprints, so the result is excellent
  • You’ll come across a variety of products that meet your needs as well as suits your budget
  • That you can choose an automatic or a manual model for working on a range of surfaces is what makes the machine versatile
  • Your working area remains perfectly clean as you do not need to deal with dyes, inks or solvents

Features to check before purchasing

  • Type –First and foremost, carefully think about the kind of heat press that’d best suit your needs. You’ll come across three distinct machine types that are differentiated from each other based on their opening system or mechanism. The three main machine types you’ll find include the swing-type heat-press, clamshell heat press, and the draw-style heat press.
  • Durability –Keep in mind that the entire machine, especially the platen, has to withstand extreme heat as long as it operates. So, ensure to buy a product made of durable materials capable of tolerating high temperatures.
  • Product Quality –Ensure the material is of good quality so that you can continue to use it for an extended period. See to it that the platen is of aluminum and has a Teflon coating
  • Size –You’ll find sizable heat press machines suitable for use in an industrial or commercial setting. On the other hand, some tools are as small as a coffeemaker. 
  • Budget –Ultimately, it is your budget that will determine whether you’re in a position to buy the piece you’re looking for.

Which are the most popular brands you should review?

Some of the most popular and bestselling heat press machine brands include PowerPress, Fancierstudio, Vevor, Zeny, Gecko, and Ephotoinc.

How to make the most of your heat press machine?

If you’ve never used a heat press machine before, using the device to your advantage can be quite challenging. However, you do not need to be anxious as you might be able to use it optimally if you follow the instructions outlined in the manual. To use your heat press in a trouble-free manner just follow these tips:-

  • Think of good design to emboss
  • First, check out the print quality on plain paper
  • Prep the printed transfer paper
  • Get your machine ready –Switch on the machine and prepare it for accepting the print substrate. Turn the temperature selection (thermostat) knob to select the appropriate temperature for the fabric. You’ll transfer the print too. Once the proper temperature is attained, the indicator light will again glow.

Now keep turning the thermostat knob in the opposite direction until the light turns off. If you’re using a digital heat-press, its timer will go off on its own to indicate that your printing procedure is complete. 

  • Placing the substrate on the platen- Unlock the top part of the platen to put the garment on the lower platen
  • Replace the top section of the heat platen to enable the machine to start working.

Product Reviews

F2C Pro 5 in 1 Swing-Away Digital Transfer Sublimation Heat Press Machine

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The F2C Pro 5-in-1 swing-away digital transfer sublimation heat press machine is one of the best heat presses apt for commercial settings. This digital heat press from F2C has been durably designed and constructed, making it ideal for continual and lasting use. The F2C swing-away heat press machine can pass on design blueprints onto nylon, flax, glasses, and ceramics using dissolved and sublimating printing inks.

 The 5-in-1elements include two plate presses, one mug press, one cap/hat press, and a Teflon-coated t-shirt plate. The 360° rotating swing-away arm boosts the unit’s efficiency and also ensures safe operation. The integrated structural support allows you to install the unit securely and steadily keep the same.


  • Full 360° swing-away design for ensuring safety
  • Rubber grip for convenience of use
  • CE certification assures quality
  • Teflon coated platen
  • Temperature control in a range of 0°F-400°F


  • Comes with five different attachments for working on various surfaces
  • Teflon coated surface with sturdy detachable cradle for
  • Broad heat platen for placing apparels in a range of sizes
  • Swing-away profile for maximizing efficiency and operational safety


  • The heat platen is not perfectly level which could create problems
  • Changing out the attachments can be problematic owing to their heaviness

PowerPress Industrial Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Press Machine

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The dense and toughened aluminum platen, digital temperature and time controls, and LCD control board are some handy features that make the PowerPress heat press machine extremely performance-driven. With a temperature range of varying from 32°F-455°F, you can rest assured that you can transfer print designs on different garment surfaces with better results.

This PowerPress heat press comes with a replaceable fuse that safeguards the equipment piece from short-circuitry and overheating. The Teflon layered platen frees you from the need to apply a protective coating separately. Signal indicator beeps when your heat transfer process is complete.

The silicon padding can withstand up to 350°degrees of heat without suffering any deformation or distortion.  


  • Enameled platen for resisting stains
  • Temperature control and digital timer facilitates time setting
  • Adjustable pressure knob for setting the pressure for various items
  • A compacted body that opens at the top
  • Stopwatch helps check to overheat


  • Teflon-coated heat platen protects the surface from overheating
  • Pressure adjustable silicone gel baseboard
  • The fully digital LCD control board
  • Full temperature and time control range


  • Lacks a swing-away arm that’d have things more helpful
  • Getting the appropriate pressure could be a problem with just a knob to turn

Fancierstudio 9” x 12” Swing Away Heat Press Machine

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The 9” x 12’’ Swing-Away Heat Press by FancierStudio works seamlessly in a small-scale domestic or large-scale industrial environment. Its ergonomic design guarantees that you can use it for working on a range of surfaces, and its compact profile means it occupies minimal space. Important functionalities that you can use to your advantage include 0-500° temperature range, digital heat and time control, swing-away heating style, and much more.

The silicon-gel base platen has a Teflon coating for resisting stains, scrapes, and grazes. Pressing down on the machine ensures that all your imprints are transferred to different garment surfaces permanently. Most importantly, you’ll find operating and handling this heat press remarkably comfortable, thanks to the included owner’s manual.


  • Digital time and temperature controls
  • Adjustable pressure knobs
  • Compact, durable, and ergonomic design
  • Teflon coated platen
  • The temperature range varies from 0°-500°F


  • The temperature range varies from 0-500°F for working on different fabrics
  • Time control range from 0 to 999 seconds
  • Heat platen with Teflon sheeting
  • 360°Swiveling arm


  • Many customers have reported that the unit is not very durable
  • A heat press unit fit for beginners

VEVOR Heat Press Machine

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The versatility of the VEVOR 8-in-1 Heat Press Machine ensures that you can use it for embossing designs on caps, tees, ceramic plates, and much more. The features which come in very handy include microprocessor-driven program control, touch-button control panel, and precision in-parameter control and memory. This digital multifunctional heat press machine has been designed and constructed sturdily for long-term use, and also occupies minimal footprint.

This is the latest edition of heat press from VEVOR that comes with a fully rotating swing arm for a faster replacement of thermal transfer components. Additionally, the 360° swing-away arm minimizes incidences of accidental contacts by facilitating of safe movement of heating elements. Other functional features that you’ll find very useful comprise a digital LED time and temperature controller, adjustable pressure knob, and automatic alerts on process completion.    


  • 360° rotating swing arm guarantees safe operation
  • Large 12” x 15” work area
  • Temperature range: 32°F-480°F
  • The timer can be set from 0 to 999 seconds
  • Capable of transferring imprints on a variety of surfaces


  • Large heat platen furnishes a broad working surface
  • Fully adjustable pressure knob
  • Teflon-coated cover for checking to scorch of printing surfaces
  • The entirely revolving arm makes working safer


  • Many customers have complained that the power plug cord is not properly insulated
  • Many users have reported that the machine stopped functioning after a few days

Super Deal Pro Digital        Swing-Away Heat Press Machine

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The digital swing-away heat press machine from Super Deal is ideal for installing in small offices or homes, thanks to its compactness and lightness. The machine comes with state-of-the-art structural support for maintaining flatness. The full-range pressure adjustment knob enables the machine to transfer heat uniformly to the entire garment surface.

The robust steel body of this heat press machine ensures that you’ll be able to make the most of it for the long-term.


  • Fully adjustable pressure knob
  • Electronic LCD temperature control for setting the appropriate temperature
  • Swing-away profile saves space
  • Capable of working on a wide range of surfaces, including fabrics, ceramics, and metals


  • Features latest structural support for maintaining evenness
  • Durable construction
  • Works on various surfaces
  • Digital temperature and timer control
  • Silicon pads and Teflon coating


  • Many users have reported of tripping breakers
  • Low-quality padding may deteriorate eventually


In this review of the five best heat press machines, we evaluated models of PowerPress, Vevor, Fancierstudio, Super Deal, and F2C Pro. Of these, Fancierstudio, Vevor, and PowerPress heat presses meet all the parameters for being labeled as versatile models for using in commercial or domestic settings.