Reviewing Vevor Heat Press Machines


Vevor Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd is a renowned manufacturer of a wide variety of machinery for different industries is well-known for its heat presses. The company manufactures and retails a comprehensive array of heat press machines in different types and sizes. We make it clear at the outset that Vevor heat presses are mass produced in China, and therefore of questionable quality.

These heat presses from Vevor can at best be used for small businesses and customizing personal items for near and dear ones. However if you’re looking to transfer imprints and impressions on a large-scale, you should look elsewhere. You can check out our PowerPress heat press machines which are very popular with both professional and beginner designers and printers.

The PowerPress heat presses not only score high on the performance front but are also very pocket-friendly. You can also explore heat press machines of HeatPress Nation, a California-based vendor. HPN’s heat presses are somewhat expensive, especially those from the Black Series and Pro Series categories but offer excellent value for money.

In this review, we inspect three of the best Vevor Heat Press Machines.

The Vevor 8-in-1 Multifunction Heat Press

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The 8-in-1 Multifunctional Heat Press from Vevor includes plate and mug presses for transferring graphics and designs to different surfaces. Apart from the integrated heat platen, this heat press comes with 2 plate presses, 4 mug presses, and 1 hat press. So you can use the plates and presses for transferring imprints onto mouse pads, coasters, mugs, ceramic tiles and plates, caps, and t-shirts.

Use this Vevor multifunctional heat press for heat transferring multicolored images and characters created from dissolved and sublimating printing inks. You can transfer customized and standardized graphics on different surfaces including but not limited to flax, cotton, ceramics, and glasses. As this is a swivel-style heat press, you can rotate its arm handle a full 360° which allows you to keep the platen away from you. 


  • Includes all components and accessories for across-the-board heat transfer
  • Heat platen size: 15” x 12” (15” x 15” size also available)
  • Temperature range: 0-480°F
  • Timer control range: 0-999 seconds
  • Digital time and temperature controls


  • Sliding design facilitates easy and quick swapping of components
  • 8-in-1 multifunctional heat press for imprinting on cups, mugs, plates, and t-shirt etc
  • Detachable silicone pad for protection from scorching
  • Swing-away style for effective and safe operation
  • Full-range pressure adjustment knob


  • Heat platen may not heat up uniformly
  • Silicone padding might disintegrate sooner or later

The Vevor 12” x 15” 5-in-1 Multifunction Heat Press

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The Vevor 12” x 15” multifunctional digital sublimation heat press comes in perfectly handy for heat transfers on different fabrics and materials. You can use this 5-in-1 heat press machine for transferring designs onto jigsaw puzzles, ceramic tiles and plates, t-shirts, and numerous other surfaces. This digital multifunctional swing-away heat press can heat transfer vibrant letterings and images of dissolved and sublimating printing ink onto nylon, chemical fiber, flax, cotton, and ceramics.

This 5-in-1 heat press from Vevor is ideal for creating commemorative medals, anniversary cards, team jerseys, and imprinting logos on t-shirts and caps. The heat platen comes equipped with complete set of heating coils for ensuring consistent heat transfer onto different surfaces and materials. The swing-away arm lets you turn the heat platen a full 360° which minimizes chances of contact with the platen.

The digital LCD controls facilitate accurate setting of time and temperature in accordance with the heat transfer substrate. The control box features a built-in red button that glows in the event of voltage fluctuation, thereby protecting the platen and the control box.


  • Swing-away heat press
  • 5-in-1 heat press: 12” x 15” platen, cap press, mug press, 2 x plate press
  • Fully adjustable pressure knob
  • LCD digital temperature and time controls


  • Suitable for wide-ranging heat transfer applications
  • Built-in safety fuse for secure operation
  • Removable cotton and silicone padding
  • Pressure adjustable as per the material’s thickness
  • Rubber reinforcement on handle for firm yet comfortable grip


  • The three-page guide is not really helpful
  • Many users have complained that the machine is of poor quality

Vevor Hat Heat Press

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 The Vevor Hat Press Machine is a self-contained entry-level heat press suitable for novice designers who’ve just started on the learning curve. As it is a standalone unit, it cannot be used in conjunction with other units, and also does accept accessories or attachments. To be specific, you cannot take out the OEM heat platen and install another one of a different size.

This standalone hat heat press from Vevor is exactly what you need if you’re exclusively into personalizing golf or baseball caps.  However a multifunctional hat press is more suitable if you want to heat transfer graphics and images on items other than caps like t-shirts. Nevertheless bear in mind that using a multifunction hat press is more complicated than working with the standalone version.

For a start, you’ll have to change the heat platen every time your heat transfer material changes. Additionally, you’ll need to have some prior experience for using a multifunctional hat press to good effect.


  • Coated handle with rubber grip
  • Aluminum heating element CNC-machined from a single high-grade aluminum block
  • Delivered fully assembled for using right out of the box
  • Sturdy steel framework designed to last
  • Temperature range {0°-750°F}
  • Time control range: 0-999 seconds


  • Parallel handles with ergonomic rubber-grip
  • This hat press is heavy-duty and incredibly stable
  • Die-cast aluminum heat platen with a guaranteed service life of 12,000 hours
  • Precisely curved and sized components for accurate heat transfers to different varieties of caps
  • Precision digital temperature and timer controls


  • You’ll struggle to open and close the handles
  • Platen does not heat up evenly
  • You cannot interchange the integrated platen as it’s a standalone unit

Which Vevor Heat Press should you go for?

After going through the reviews on Vevor heat press machines, you’ll be able to figure out which one best fits your needs. For instance if you’re looking for a machine exclusively for transferring designs on cups and mugs, then the Vevor hat press is perfect. The other two models are ideal for carrying out heat transfer on a range of materials and surfaces.