Shawl and Wrap Knitting Patterns

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: July 3, 2021

Keep yourself warm with wraps and shawls on chilly evenings or when the temperature is low outside.  Shawls and wraps complete your outfit and add a layer of style to your appearance.  No matter what is the season trendy shawls create a classic look with their gorgeous designs. Look stylish throughout the year with knitted shawls.

Striped and Lace Crescent Shawl

Add a bit of charm around your shoulders with this crescent shawl. You can also bundle this textured shawl as a scarf around your neck.

Skoosh! Triangle Shawl Pattern

This simple pattern is perfect for beginners. It works up quickly and keeps you cozy and warm for long.

Lightweight Wrap Pattern

Grab the yarn of your choice and knit this gorgeous shawl. It can be used throughout the year. You can loop it around the neck or wrap it around the shoulders.

Single Skein Shawlette Pattern

This one skein shawl has a light lace design that looks perfect and adds to its beauty. This is also a good option to dress up in the summer evening.

Oversized Wrap-Style Shawl Knitting Pattern

This wonderful pattern utilizes lightweight wool and perfectly makes the garments for a windy day.

Asymmetrical Wrap Knitting Pattern

This asymmetrical lightweight scarf adds a bit of color to the wardrobe and suitable to carry in summer evenings.

Two-Color Lace-Trimmed Triangle Shawl

The shawl is made with a single skein of yarn. You can work with the colors of your choice and create a beautiful shawl with magical blending.

Triangle Shawl Pattern

Triangle Shawl Pattern
Triangle Shawl Pattern

Are you looking for an opportunity to remain warm when the weather is cold outside? This triangle shawl is perfect and the size is generous too.

Crescent Lace Shawl

This delicate accent is a perfect addition to a springtime wardrobe. It adds elegance to the white tank dress. It is the perfect accessory for formal to casual wear.

Nursing Shawl Knitting Pattern

If you are obsessed with several contrasting colors then you should try this pattern. The wonderful colors make it a perfect shawl for new mommies.

Lace-Edged Crescent Shawl Pattern

Grab any weight yarn and start making a crescent shape shawl that uses a cross-stitch lace edge with a garter stitch body.

Lacy Bottom-Up Shawl Knitting Pattern

Lacy Bottom-Up Shawl Knitting Pattern
Lacy Bottom-Up Shawl Knitting Pattern

A knitted shawl is a great option when mornings and evenings are cool. Choose the colors of your choice and try this beautiful pattern.

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