Sliding Knot Bracelet

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: February 23, 2023

A sliding knot is commonly used in bracelets. It is a simple and easy way to finish your jewelry. The knot can be used in different types of cord. Here we have compiled some beautiful sliding knot bracelets that you can try making at home. The tutorial given on the list will help you out with the process.

Make a Sliding Knot Bracelet

It might be a little tricky when you try a sliding knot but it is worth trying especially when you use satin or leather cord.

Slip Knot Bracelet Guide

The design gives a contemporary casual look. It adds a tasteful elegance that goes well with several styles.

Make a Gorgeous Slip Knot Bracelet

Adjustable bracelets and necklaces are quite useful. This is a simple knot and you can become a pro by practicing it for some time.

How Do You Make Sliding Knot Bracelets with Charms

Adjustable Sliding Knot Bracelet Instructions

The version of the sliding knot is used in bracelets and necklaces that are made from leather. It is perfect for a charm necklace that can be adjusted to a longer version.

Adjustable Sliding Knot Bracelet Tying Directions

The given instructions will help you in making an adjustable bracelet with a sliding knot.

Double Sliding Knot Bracelet Tutorial

Beaded Sliding Knot Bracelet

This beautiful friendship handmade bracelet is made of silk thread and lovely beads. All bracelets look perfect for different occasions.

Single Sliding Knot Bracelet DIY

The single sliding knot is a perfect gift accessory for special ones. You can try it to enhance your appearance.

Sliding Knot Hemp Bracelet

The simple handmade hem bracelet with a sliding knot is comfortable to carry. Try different color cords to suit different color outfits.

Paracord Bracelet Having a Sliding Knot Closure

Made with a 4mm black paracord with a sliding knot it beautifully accompanies by other watches or bracelets.

Stunning Chinese Sliding Knot Bracelet

This gorgeous sliding knot bracelet attracts wealth, money, prosperity, and abundance. The handmade bracelet is a perfect gift.

Unique Sliding Knot Washer Bracelet

The bracelet uses one cord and it looks wonderful on different outfits.

Easy Sliding Knot Braided Bracelet

The sliding knot bracelet is adjustable. It is comfortable and easy to carry.

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