Some Trending Knitting Patterns For Women


Create stylish and trendy knitting garments with easy and amazing patterns given below. We have covered varieties of patterns such as vintage and classics. Take a look at a range of knitting patterns and accessories. Whether you are a novice or have experience in knitting, there are several patterns to discover.

Casual Knitted Cardigan

Cardigans are girl’s favorite! They are cozy and cute so go well with everything. You can have those hands-on for all weather.

Knitted Shawl Pattern

Sometimes simple things are the best in life. Design this amazing palette shawl and look how beautiful this shawl is.

Knitted Skirt Pattern

Skirt knitting patterns fulfill a lot of wardrobe needs. These are comfortable and you can wear knitted skirts in different seasons.

Feminine Knitted Lingerie

The crop top is perfect for layering. It looks amazing over silk camisoles or strappy bras. You will love this trendy knitted lingerie.

Blue Spruce Hat Knitting Pattern

Make this beautifully knitted hat in colors of your choice and wear it in winters for protection from chilly winds.

Garter Stitch Knitting Pattern

The soft and snuggly layering pattern is perfect for all. Try this lovely pattern and gift it to your dear ones.

Aran Cardigan Knitting Pattern

The cropped cardigan features lovely sleeves. It is an amazing addition to your wardrobe.

Turkish Cotton Slipper Arch Lace PATTERN

The cotton slipper pattern looks shapeless when off but fits perfectly when on. The project is simple and takes only a couple of hours to complete.

Rose crochet bookmark

Combine the love of reading with crocheting to make this fantastic and interesting bookmark. It will enhance your reading experience.

Poncho Knitting Pattern for Beginner

It is a perfect add-on to your favorite outfit. It is a flattering style pattern that moves with your body.